Students Reflect on Trump’s First Year


President Trump in the Oval Office. (Photo: Carlos Barria/Reuters)

Donald Trump has been in office for more than thirteen months. It’s been an interesting year since our country elected the 45th President of the United States. It was one of the most surprising elections in the history of our country. Hillary Clinton was the favorite by a wide margin; however, reality TV star and real estate developer Donald Trump used different tactics and strategies such as his tax reform plan and promising to be different from former presidents, which led to his victory.

Politics is an important issue across the world and especially at Northwood. President Trump is a touchy subject with some students and teachers, but everyone has an opinion about our new commander-in-chief’s performance during his first year in office. Many students compliment Trump’s ability to enact what they call historic tax and regulatory reform, which they claim has resulted in an increase in our economic growth by 3 percent since President Obama left office. Other Trump supporters giver Trump credit for the ISIS’s diminished power in the Middle East.

However, many Northwood students have expressed anger and resentment towards the new president. Many students have opposed his Muslim ban, Executive Order 13769. Many students have felt scared by how the president reacts to adversity or threats. When talking about North Korea and the threats made against our nation, he displayed how he would retaliate” with a bomb and our bomb is much bigger than theirs.” Then a few weeks later, he agrees to sit down with the North Korean leader and talk. Not only would is the president saying unwise things, his critics at Northwood contend but he’s also suggesting that World War III is in the near future and he’s not afraid to start it.

When discussing with Northwood students  how they felt about President Donald Trump’s first year, many seemed furious, while others seemed to tolerate his job so far (ed. note: this is a sampling of the author’s friends and is not an attempt to survey a representative sample of Northwood students):

Will Arquiett

“I don’t like the way he carries himself as our president. He is supposed to be a leader and someone we can all go to during a crisis, but I don’t think hes the guy. He has done some good things, but I don’t buy into everything he is saying. He’s a liar.” – Will Arquiett ‘19, Brasher Falls, NY


Patrick Callahan

“Trump’s new tax plan is likeable to many, but to me personally I don’t agree with it. With his behavior and mannerisms, I believe we have taken a step back in the way we treat each other in this nation.” – Pat Callahan ‘18, Skaneateles, NY


Tommy Bannister

“I know he’s not the most likeable person in the world, but at the end of day I believe he makes the right decision. He just doesn’t act the part.” – Tommy Bannister ‘20, Clayton, NY


Sutton Allard

“Being from another country I wouldn’t want him representing my nation.” – Sutton Allard ‘19, Kanata, ONT Canada


Barrett Ott

“He’s not the smartest, but you have to give the guy credit because he did turn some things around.” – Barrett Ott ‘19, Ketchum, ID


Stephen Panico

Stephen Panico ‘19, of Fairfield, CT, refused to talk about President Trump.

Donald Trump has had a unique first year in office. In many Americans’ eyes, his tenure has not been good, as he is one of the most unpopular presidents in the modern era with a 39% approval rating. We will see what year two has in store.


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