Mountain Day Gets Mixed Reviews

What makes Northwood School so different is its diversity and its location. The Adirondacks location gives the school plenty of resources that many students can’t get anywhere else. These natural resources give Northwood a spectacular setting for its annual Mountain day, which will be held this year on September 20th.


Mr. Donatello (l) and Mr, Silengo on Pitchoff.

On Mountain Day students and faculty are grouped together and are assigned to climb one of the 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks. Students get a day off of school to experience the environment around them while spending quality time with their peers. The Adirondacks is a unique place, and Northwood takes advantage of it by having this event every year. All students on Mountain Day get to experience the Adirondacks.

Mountain Day gets mixed reviews from students, based on their personal experiences trying to climb a high peak. One of the reasons it gets mixed reviews is because of how long of a journey it takes to climb the mountains. It could take six hours or more to reach the summit.

Some students jump at the chance to get outside, while other students such as Sean Bunting ‘19 understated, “It’s not my favorite day of the year”. Other students such as Pat Callahan ‘19 said, “It’s a great day and something I always look forward to”.

Assistant Head of School Mr. Tom Broderick often says that Mountain Day is a day that Northwood graduated recall fondly and cherish their special moments in the wilderness.


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