Students Reflect on Trump’s First Year


President Trump in the Oval Office. (Photo: Carlos Barria/Reuters)

Donald Trump has been in office for more than thirteen months. It’s been an interesting year since our country elected the 45th President of the United States. It was one of the most surprising elections in the history of our country. Hillary Clinton was the favorite by a wide margin; however, reality TV star and real estate developer Donald Trump used different tactics and strategies such as his tax reform plan and promising to be different from former presidents, which led to his victory.

Politics is an important issue across the world and especially at Northwood. President Trump is a touchy subject with some students and teachers, but everyone has an opinion about our new commander-in-chief’s performance during his first year in office. Many students compliment Trump’s ability to enact what they call historic tax and regulatory reform, which they claim has resulted in an increase in our economic growth by 3 percent since President Obama left office. Other Trump supporters giver Trump credit for the ISIS’s diminished power in the Middle East.

However, many Northwood students have expressed anger and resentment towards the new president. Many students have opposed his Muslim ban, Executive Order 13769. Many students have felt scared by how the president reacts to adversity or threats. When talking about North Korea and the threats made against our nation, he displayed how he would retaliate” with a bomb and our bomb is much bigger than theirs.” Then a few weeks later, he agrees to sit down with the North Korean leader and talk. Not only would is the president saying unwise things, his critics at Northwood contend but he’s also suggesting that World War III is in the near future and he’s not afraid to start it.

When discussing with Northwood students  how they felt about President Donald Trump’s first year, many seemed furious, while others seemed to tolerate his job so far (ed. note: this is a sampling of the author’s friends and is not an attempt to survey a representative sample of Northwood students):

Will Arquiett

“I don’t like the way he carries himself as our president. He is supposed to be a leader and someone we can all go to during a crisis, but I don’t think hes the guy. He has done some good things, but I don’t buy into everything he is saying. He’s a liar.” – Will Arquiett ‘19, Brasher Falls, NY


Patrick Callahan

“Trump’s new tax plan is likeable to many, but to me personally I don’t agree with it. With his behavior and mannerisms, I believe we have taken a step back in the way we treat each other in this nation.” – Pat Callahan ‘18, Skaneateles, NY


Tommy Bannister

“I know he’s not the most likeable person in the world, but at the end of day I believe he makes the right decision. He just doesn’t act the part.” – Tommy Bannister ‘20, Clayton, NY


Sutton Allard

“Being from another country I wouldn’t want him representing my nation.” – Sutton Allard ‘19, Kanata, ONT Canada


Barrett Ott

“He’s not the smartest, but you have to give the guy credit because he did turn some things around.” – Barrett Ott ‘19, Ketchum, ID


Stephen Panico

Stephen Panico ‘19, of Fairfield, CT, refused to talk about President Trump.

Donald Trump has had a unique first year in office. In many Americans’ eyes, his tenure has not been good, as he is one of the most unpopular presidents in the modern era with a 39% approval rating. We will see what year two has in store.


Is the Dawn of Soccer the End of Hoops at Northwood?

While Northwood School’s admissions team is recruiting student-athletes for the school’s new elite travel soccer team next school year, current students are starting to see changes to the facilities, including a new lighting system in what for decades has been known as the indoor tennis courts. Soon the concrete surface of the tennis courts will be covered in artificial turf, on which the soccer team will train. But this development brings questions: what will happen to basketball and tennis at Northwood? Both programs rely on the soon-to-be turf field for training. [Read more…]

Junior Team Can’t Three-Peat St. Andrews Tourney

The St. Andrew’s College Hockey Tournament is one of the biggest weekends of the season for the Junior Team. This season was extra special, because the Huskies were two-time defending champions of this tournament. The players knew they needed a strong start right away in their first game against Seacoast Prep. [Read more…]

Junior Team Splits with Gunnery to End Break

There was little rest for the Northwood Junior Team as they were set off to face Gunnery right after Christmas break. As other students were enjoying break, the Huskies were ready to go to battle, playing Gunnery at RPI and then Union College.


Senior Shane McGrath advances the puck.

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Basketball Returns to Northwood

Northwood School is known for many things, including a heavy emphasis on sports like hockey and skiing. But this winter Northwood has a new team on campus in basketball. Northwood hasn’t fielded a basketball team in over forty years.

The team consists of 20 players, including two girls. The team is lead by coach Mr. Tim Weaver and competes against local high schools, including Saranac Lake and Lake Placid.

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Checking in With Ninth Grader Ava Day


“I am enjoying both the athletic and academic sides to Northwood, and am learning a lot in both aspects. I am very happy. I really appreciate the community at Northwood, and even as a day student I always feel very included and welcome no matter what. I also enjoy my classes and ski training thus far. I don’t think I have anything negative to say about the school, and am truly happy here at Northwood. I have always enjoyed a challenge, and at Northwood my academics are full of them; however, I am learning an amazing amount of new information, and at a different level of understanding than ever before. I am pleased with all of my classes and hope to keep enjoying them. Exams, as always, were stressful and I am glad they are over. Thanks to a large amount of studying I felt confident about all of my exams and hope the grades turn out as I would like them to. I’m not sure I can pick a specific part of Northwood that I enjoy the most. Out of all the aspects of the school, whether that is the academic, athletic, or social, they each contribute to my happiness here at Northwood.”

As told to Sam DiBitetto ‘18

Checking in With Ninth Grader Adelia Castillo

“I think Northwood is a fun school with many opportunities for me to try new things. I like that I am being pushed out of my comfort zone here. For the first time, I went rock climbing and do it regularly now. I don’t like the fact that the school is mainly winter sports focused, meaning there’s a lot of effort into making the sports run smoothly, but not the same for sports like cross country. I wouldn’t say school is hard. But it’s definitely challenging at times. I find geometry a bit difficult but that’s about it. Exams went great. I was well prepared with the study guides that were provided by the teachers. My favorite part of Northwood would have to be the teachers. They are always there and extremely helpful. Especially being a boarder, the teachers are like family.”

As told to Sam DiBitetto ‘18

“Movember” Raises Funds and Facial Hair

“Students are to be clean-shaven at all times.” Those words are from page 21 of the Northwood School Student Handbook under “Dress Code and Appearance.” Normally the school is strict about enforcing this rule, but students are allowed to break it in November. [Read more…]

Junior Team Stymied by Prep Foes in Culver

JRTOn November 10th, Northwood’s Junior hockey team traveled to Culver, Indiana, on one of the longest and toughest road trips of the year. The schedule for the showcase was anything but easy, starting on Friday with a game against their rival, Saint Andrews College. On Saturday, Northwood faced St. Laurent Patriots from Quebec. Sunday, the Huskies took on Shattuck Saint Mary’s, one of the best teams in the country.

The first game was highly anticipated, as Saint Andrews and Northwood have a long history  as rivals, and over the last two years Northwood hasn’t lost a game to them. Saint Andrews came out playing hard, but Northwood was able to strike first with a goal from Patrick Callahan (Forward, 2018). However, Saint Andrews quickly responded and put two goals on the board quickly. Sam DiBitetto (Forward, 2018) was able to tie it, but it wasn’t enough as the opposition scored in the last two minutes to make it a 3-2 game. The pressure from Northwood was was unable able to tie it up, even with supportive goaltending from Jake Mucitelli ‘19. Sean Bunting (Forward, 2018) said “it was disappointing. We were expecting a better result, and it’s a tough one to swallow, especially losing to SAC.”

The Huskies’ second game was against St. Laurent Patriots, a hard nosed team from Quebec. The Huskies came out flying, scoring five fast goals and taking the game by a score of 5-1. The goals came from Drew Rose (Defense, 2019), Cody Monds (Forward, 2020, Tommy Bannister (Forward, 2020), Elijah Deveraux (Forward, 2020), and DiBitetto. Matt Shanklin (Forward, 2019)  picked up 2 assists, and Rico DiMatteo ‘20 was very solid, stopping a total of 25 shots.

The Huskies ended the weekend facing off against Shattuck Saint Mary’s, who are highly skilled and one of the top teams in the country. It was battle from the beginning, as Shattuck scored quickly. Northwood responded with Callahan shooting one home, and afterwards it was an intense battle. Sadly, Shattuck eventually slipped away with a 8-4 win. Other Northwood goals came from Callahan and Monds, with two each. Overall, it was not the weekend the Huskies were looking for. Andrew Gilbert stated “We need to come in right from the get go and play a full 60 minutes, and also be more consistent.”

Junior Team Takes Two From Gilmour

The Northwood Junior hockey team headed to SUNY Oswego last weekend to face off against Gilmour Academy, a prep school from Ohio. They played one game apiece on Saturday and Sunday.


Cole Leal ’18 celebrates a Husky goal.

After a tough loss in overtime in Beantown, the team wanted to respond quickly the following weekend. “It was important to jump on them early and get the first goal and build off that” said Matt Shanklin (2019, Forward). The Huskies did just that. Tommy Bannister (2020, Forward) scored early in the first period, but after that it was a seesaw battle between both teams. However, Northwood finished the game on top 6-4. Other goals came from Cole Leal (2019, Defense), Sam DiBitetto (2018,Forward), Cody Monds (2020, Forward), Jared Lambright (2020, Defense). And the game winner came from Santeri Hartikainen (2018, Forward). Jake Mucitelli (2019, Goalie) picked up another win in net. He was very solid in the performance and made a key save at the end of the game. [Read more…]

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