Chinese New Year’s Eve Is What Kids Prefer 

Chinese New Year is in the first day of the lunar calendar. It is a highly anticipated event, but many people, especially kids, prefer New Year’s Eve even more. 

Traditionally, people will have lunch at night in their homes; however, in modern times, people prefer to go to restaurant. In this way, all the family can sit together and have meal. Normally, every family will eat fish at dinner and leave the last piece of fish uneaten, because that means you had even more than you wished for. 

At the middle of the big meal, an elder will give young people red pockets containing money. The amount of money will differ depending on the different provinces in China. Normally, I can get the equivalent of $350 for each red pocket from my uncle and aunts. Sometimes there are $1,500 in my grandparents’ red pockets. 

After dinner, people will get back home early and watch the Spring Festival Gala. It includes every kind of program: cross talk, music from ethnic minorities and short sketch. The last part of Spring Festival Gala is the countdown. That night will usually be the only night of the year that children are allowed to stay up all night. 

Humans of Northwood: Shaoye “James” Zhan 

Because of the pandemic, I am taking online classes this year. Online classes are just as important as offline classesI overcome the different time zone and try to join all the live classes. If a class is not available for meI watch the recording of the class. Sometimes I will ask my teacher if it is possible switch the class to a better time for meI spend a lot of time and vigor on my online classes. As we all know, online classes are difficult for students, especially for international students, because there are a lot of distractions that affect students’ concentration. However, I will keep working hard and pay attention to online class. 

As told to Zheqi Wang ’21. Photo provided.

Behind One Husky’s Choice to Play Basketball 

Xu Li ’21 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

During the winter schedule, students choose a sport or activity to participate in from Tuesday to Friday. There are two main reasons why Xu Li ‘21 chose to join basketball team.  

Firstly, and maybe most important, students in basketball team do not need wake up early like the snowboardersDuring our first year at Northwood, Xu and I were roommates. After he chose snowboarding, he needed to wake up at 7 am and start to bring his equipment to the first floor while wearing his large snowboard boots. The noise always woke me up, which made me very mad, because I did not choose snowboarding, and I just wanted to sleep more. The second year, the roles were reversed. I chose snowboarding and sometimes the noise woke him up. After those things happenedwe decided to choose the basketball team because at least we can sleep one more hour.  

Mr. Weaver motivated the basketball team at the US Olympic Training Center in 2019 (Photo: Matthew Shanklin ’19)

Another reason Xu chose basketball was because the basketball team left school at 3pm on Fridays to go to the gym. Sometimes we played games against North Country School. Although Xu did not usually join in the game actively, he really enjoyed watching the game. When the game endedXu always asked Coach Mr. Weaver to drop us off at Starbucks or Hunan.  

That is the reason why Xu Li choose basketball at Northwoodsleeping in, watching the game, and enjoying the food. 

The Challenges of Learning Remotely from China 

Zheqi Wang ’21 (Photograph: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

The Covid-19 pandemic led me to taking online class this year as I remain in China. As we all know online class is not a good way for students to study: some students will not pay attention to their classes, the online classes are not high quality because of the lagging, and the homework problem also leads to students to have less than a highquality learning experience. Take me for example. The most difficult things for me regarding online class are the different time zones and unreliable internet. 

Firstly, different time zones make me hard to concentrate on classes, especially during the midnight. My journalism class starts at 1:20pm Lake Placid time, but when I log in to that class it is 2:20am at home. For the first two weeks, I was trying to switch my biological clock to U.S. time. I “stay up late” after the school days and sleep during my daytime. Preparing a cup of coffee or tea at the begging of the class. When I was trying to switch my biological clock, it’s hard to fall sleep, because the noise from the traffic jams outside and the ambient noise is loud. But, luckily, I generally overcome the noise and fall sleep. 

The other factor is the internet problem. Firstly, I need to buy a Virtual Private Network (VPN) from a company that can create a new IP address, so I cannot buy the VPN from Apple Store or any websites. Secondly, if I connect the VPN the Wi-Fi signal will be weak, which sometimes leads to live class lagging. If its lagging when teachers are talking about important information, I need to spend time to re-watch the recorded classes. Additionally, if I need to do the homework, which might be watching a movie first and answering the questions, I need to spend twice as much time on homework.  

Thus, online class is not a good choice for me, but that is the only way to study right now. 

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