Chinese New Year’s Eve Is What Kids Prefer 

Chinese New Year is in the first day of the lunar calendar. It is a highly anticipated event, but many people, especially kids, prefer New Year’s Eve even more. 

Traditionally, people will have lunch at night in their homes; however, in modern times, people prefer to go to restaurant. In this way, all the family can sit together and have meal. Normally, every family will eat fish at dinner and leave the last piece of fish uneaten, because that means you had even more than you wished for. 

At the middle of the big meal, an elder will give young people red pockets containing money. The amount of money will differ depending on the different provinces in China. Normally, I can get the equivalent of $350 for each red pocket from my uncle and aunts. Sometimes there are $1,500 in my grandparents’ red pockets. 

After dinner, people will get back home early and watch the Spring Festival Gala. It includes every kind of program: cross talk, music from ethnic minorities and short sketch. The last part of Spring Festival Gala is the countdown. That night will usually be the only night of the year that children are allowed to stay up all night. 


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