U16 Ski Racers Earn Podiums at States


Audrey Higgins-Lopez ’21 after a recent race.

The U16 team traveled to West and Gore Mountains for States Championships. The team consisted of Imani Hawman ‘20, Ava Day ‘21, Ana Spencer ‘20, Amelia Brady ‘21, Audrey Higgins-Lopez ‘21, and Gabrielle Cote ‘20 on the women’s side and Zach Zientko ‘21, Martin McDonough ‘20, Ben DeGirolamo ‘21 and Magnus Sheffield ‘20 on the men’s side.   [Read more…]

Race Recap: U19 Girls Gore Super G and GS


Sarah Bennett ’19 at the start of a recent race at Whiteface (Photo: provided)

The U19 girls’ alpine team day-tripped to Gore mountain this week for some Super G and Giant Slalom races. The girls departed from school at 6am on the first day of Super G racing. One training run was available on the trail before the inspection of the course which the girls did. The track was very firm, which was good for the girls starting with high bib  numbers. Sarah Coombs ‘19 finished in 18th, Chelsea Smith ‘19 in 35th, Joanna Rosenbluth ‘19 in 39th, Beth Fisher ‘19 in 38th, and Sarah Bennett ‘19 and Jane Baumer ‘19 DNF (did not finish). [Read more…]

Race Recap: U19 Girls in Sunday River and Mt. Tremblant

To start winter break, several U19 girls ski racers had five races in a row at Sunday River and Mt. Tremblant. Chelsea Smith ‘19, Sarah Coombs ‘19, Jane Baumer ‘19, Joanna Rosenbluth ‘19, Sarah Bennett ‘19 and Beth Fisher ‘19 left for Maine on December 16th to attend races at Sunday River.


Northwood and NYSEF U19 girls racers in Sunday River. (Photo: Sarah Bennett ’19)

On the first day of GS, all of the girls DNF (did not finish), except for Beth Fisher who ended in 78th and scored a 266.65. The course was about 1 minute and 17 seconds long, which is longer than usual. The conditions were holding up pretty well, which meant that the girls who started 100th still had an okay track. On the second day of GS, the conditions were pretty similar. Sarah Bennett ended in 30th, scoring a 75.58; Sarah Coombs in 36th, scoring a 89.70; Chelsea Smith in 62nd, scoring a 152.7; Joanna Rosenbluth in 69th, scoring a 164.87; Beth Fisher in 85th, scoring a 258.94; and Jane Baumer DSQ (disqualified).

The course was very short on the first day of slalom, with a time of about 37 seconds. Sarah Bennett ended in 13th, scoring a 53.22; Chelsea Smith in 56th, scoring a 156.92; Joanna Rosenbluth in 61st, scoring a 177.02; Beth Fisher in 70th scoring, a 236.75; and Jane Baumer DNF.


Sunrise at Mt. Tremblant (Photo: Sara Bennett ’19)

Joanna Rosenbluth, Sarah Coombs, and Sarah Bennett left Sunday River after the race to compete at Tremblant while the other girls stayed an extra day. On the last slalom day, Chelsea Smith finished 62nd, scoring a 155.39; Beth Fisher in 82nd; and Jane Baumer DNF.

While in a giant-slalom at Tremblant, Sarah Bennett ended 16th, scoring a 63.60; Joanna Rosenbluth in 32nd, scoring a 87.61; and Sarah Coombs DNF. On the second day of giant-slalom, Sarah Bennett finished 14th, scoring a 56.56; Joanna Rosenbluth in 36th, scoring a 94.04; and Sarah Coombs DNS (did not start)  due to an injury.

On the last day of racing, the team raced slalom in St-Sauveur. Sarah Coombs ended in 38th scoring a 129.91; Joanna Rosenbluth in 57th scoring a 160.48; and Sarah Bennett DSQ.

News Brief: Food Committee Gives Students Voice

The school has established a food committee to allow students a say in what is served in the dining hall. [Read more…]

Austria Training Camp: Video Recap

Austria Training Camp Diaries

The Mirror staffer Sarah Bennett ’19 is a member of Northwood School’s Alpine Ski Team, and she kept this journal of her training camp.

The skiers left school at around noon for Boston’s Logan Airport with three vans and one truck. It took us around five and a half hours to get to Boston. Our first flight to Switzerland took seven hours. Our luggage stayed in Switzerland while we departed for Munich, Germany. We waited approximately two hours at the Munich airport to solve the luggage problem. The whole team left for Austria on the bus while Ms. Fagan and Coach Haggerty took one for the team and stayed behind to wait for our luggage. We arrived at the hotel at around 6:30pm local time and ate dinner at 7:00. The luggage finally arrived at 9:00pm [Read more…]

Students Unhappy With Saturday Classes on Family Weekend

welcomefamilyweekendStudents will attend class on Saturday, usually a day off, during Family Weekend this year. Changes to the Family Weekend schedule include having four classes on Friday, three on Saturday, and some meetings the following afternoons.

There was a lot of  controversy among students concerning the Saturday classes. “I think it is very inconvenient to the students who want to go home and see their family members,” said Jacob Mucitelli ’19.

Some Students will not be able to attend the Saturday classes due to the SAT, another reason why students don’t agree with the schedule change.

Some Canadian students will be leaving right after Friday classes due to Canadian thanksgiving and some others will be leaving to spend time with their family back home.

The faculty point of view, however, makes a lot of sense. “Fitting all 7 classes and parent meetings in a day is demanding,” said Dean of Students Mr. Gino Riffle. “Expending the parent meetings and classes over two days gives parents the opportunity to really see classes and meet with teachers,” said Riffle.

Students will still have the opportunity to have a two day weekend due to having no school on Monday, but will not have the opportunity to have a three day weekend like the previous year.

Ski Team Looking Forward to Preseason Training

Before Whiteface Mountain opens, the Northwood ski team will have trained on snow for more than twenty days at training camps in Austria and Colorado.

Most alpine skiers plan to attend both camps, training in the best conditions possible before the start of the season. “Having two ski camps is going to help the skiers have more time on snow, which is what a lot of skiers from the East need,” says alpine ski coach Katie Haggerty.


Neustift /Stubai Glacier (Austria). Photo: http://www.ropeways.net

“Skiers from the West start their season as early as October and end in June,” said Haggerty. “Last year, only one ski camp was available to the skiers, and having two camps will better prepare them for the upcoming season.”

Having a camp in Austria will be better than previous year’s camps in Sweden because Austria will have more lane space on which to train. The softer snow in Austria will also be easier to work with than the hard snow in Sweden. [Read more…]

Humans of Northwood: Mr. Terry DelliQuadri


Photo provided

“My first time at Northwood was during finals; everyone seemed pretty focused, and since coming back, I’m really impressed on how studious the students are. Where I was, there was nobody ever looking at books, they never studied. They were all skiers, and the only diversity was a couple of snowboarders. I like the fact that there are different kinds of people here. I had a really good job before, but it was far away from where I lived and I was never with my family. Lake Placid is pretty similar to Colorado and where I lived because it is a tourist town, and it’s beautiful. I think I am going to like being more involved and also being an adviser, I enjoy hockey, and being around hockey players and skiers makes me happy.”

As told to Sarah Bennett ‘19

Odd Couple (Female Version) a Hit

On April 25, the Northwood School community gathered in the Flinner Auditorium to watch senior Amanda Hinge’s production of The Odd Couple. The play was Amanda’s independent study, and she started getting organized in January, had auditions in February, and rehearsals started the week after. “I chose the play based on the amount of people interested. At the time I had more females than males,” said Amanda. “Someone suggested The Odd Couple (female version). I read the script and thought it was really funny, simple to do, and seemed, fun so I picked it.”

Hinge faced some challenges concerning the commitment some people had to the play. “I wanted the play to be the best it could be, and it was challenging to have to work with people who weren’t as motivated or passionate about this production as I was,” she said. Several people had quit the play in the middle of rehearsals and one cast member dropped out a week before the production, leaving Amanda to scramble to find replacements as quickly as possible. “After all, I did the show because I love theatre.” said Amanda.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Amanda is going to Skidmore College to major in theater along with communications and studio art. Her love for theater has persisted for years; she has been an artist since she was young. “I was in my second and fourth grade class plays. I went and watched the high school shows and couldn’t wait until I could perform in them,” she remembered. “I have acted, helped build sets, helped costume design for several shows in high school including The Love of Three Oranges, High School (Non) Musical, Rumpelstiltskin, Our Miss Brooks, and Annie. I also have worked and volunteered at the professional theatre in Westport, NY as an Assistant Stage Manager and Intern for the past three summers.”

Even though some of the cast members were added late, the play was a big a success. The students participating did an amazing job, including the ones who worked behind the scenes.


Amanda Hinge ’17 — Vera, director, costume, light and set design

Maddie McCarthy ’18 — Florence Unger

Courtney Fairchild ’20 — Olive Madison

Braelyn Tebo ’20 — Renee

Ms. Cency Middleton — Mickey

Sidney Williams ’18 — Jesus Costazeula

Garrett Hinge ’15 — Manolo Costazuela

Lexi Barile ’17 — Stage manager

Olivia Skriloff ’18 — Light and sound

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