Students Unhappy With Saturday Classes on Family Weekend

welcomefamilyweekendStudents will attend class on Saturday, usually a day off, during Family Weekend this year. Changes to the Family Weekend schedule include having four classes on Friday, three on Saturday, and some meetings the following afternoons.

There was a lot of  controversy among students concerning the Saturday classes. “I think it is very inconvenient to the students who want to go home and see their family members,” said Jacob Mucitelli ’19.

Some Students will not be able to attend the Saturday classes due to the SAT, another reason why students don’t agree with the schedule change.

Some Canadian students will be leaving right after Friday classes due to Canadian thanksgiving and some others will be leaving to spend time with their family back home.

The faculty point of view, however, makes a lot of sense. “Fitting all 7 classes and parent meetings in a day is demanding,” said Dean of Students Mr. Gino Riffle. “Expending the parent meetings and classes over two days gives parents the opportunity to really see classes and meet with teachers,” said Riffle.

Students will still have the opportunity to have a two day weekend due to having no school on Monday, but will not have the opportunity to have a three day weekend like the previous year.


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