Catching Up with Wyatt Wilmshurst ’17


Wyatt Wilmshurst ’17

This is part of an ongoing series where catch up with recent graduates who postponed college for junior hockey.

What have you been doing seen graduating?

Since graduation I have been playing junior hockey in Rochester NY for the Rochester Monarchs in the NCDC USPHL league.

How does the hockey compare to Northwood?

Both were very fast and competitive, but the biggest difference would be fewer grade A chances and faster pace this year, which make it much harder to score and limits the chances in a game. That’s why there are many games throughout our league that are low scoring.

What was your living situation during hockey season?

During the hockey season I lived in an apartment with 10 other teammates. It’s similar to Northwood in some ways but it’s also different. I am always hanging out with my teammates throughout the day. At night I mainly watch Netflix or play Fortnite. Throughout the day I get more freedom than I did at Northwood. I have the ability to drive [to get food] if I’m hungry. Chipotle is a very hot spot around here.

What do you miss most about Northwood?

I miss my best friends. It’s weird going from being with them all the time last year to hardly seeing them the following year. It was hard to deal with in the beginning, but I adjusted well. I miss the shenanigans on the halls at Northwood with the boys.

Plans for the upcoming year?

For the upcoming season I will be playing juniors for my last year and then going to college.


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