New League for Soccer Team

The Northwood Soccer team has joined a new league that is considered the best pre-college league in the United States. USL Academy has been created to enhance the level of play for hundreds of players throughout the United States.

The new league is an affiliate of the United Soccer League (USL). Originally founded in 1986, the United Soccer League has become, according to its web site, “one of the most sophisticated soccer organizations in North America over the past decade.“

The USL Academy League season is aligned with the pro calendars of Championship & League One, meaning play begins in April and continues, through the summer, until November. The league believes this alignment will make the transition from the youth to pro levels easier for the top pro prospects.

“The USL Academy League and Academy Cup will give our boys regular games against top competition and a proving ground to be evaluated for our USL League Two team,” head coach Jon Moodey said.  Our goal is to win trophies and we expect to be competitive at the national level.”

Northwood’s soccer team competed in the USL Academy league’s inaugural season in 2021. Northwood (and Black Rock Football Club) is the only team in the league consisting of students attending the same school. Most of the other teams are affiliates of professional or club programs.

League play starts for the Huskies after spring break and continues into November, including numerous matches during the summer break.

Humans of Northwood: Komar Martinez-Paiz

Komar Martinez-Paiz (Photo by Pablo Obrador ’22)

A new face joined the Northwood community a few months ago. Mr. Komar Martinez-Paiz hopes to contribute to the community, especially the Black Rock soccer program.

Coach Komar told The Mirror he feels very happy with this new position and he also says he feels very productive with the responsibilities he has had both in the Black Rock program and for the greater Northwood community. This time has been vital for Coach Komar to find balance in his life, wake up each morning with a reason and find happiness in his work.

Within Black Rock, his job is to support Coach Moodey with the organization of championships and the U19 team, as well as helping young athletes to enhance their quality on and off the pitch, by giving advice and helping each of the athletes to be better athletes people every day.

During his free time, Coach Komar likes to read, do yoga, meditate and exercise to stay in shape. Lately he has found a new passion for investing and is exploring this with the new Investment Club that Mr. Kelvin Martinez advises.

Coach Komar wants to continue working to support each of the athletes and move forward with his personal goals, working day by day to achieve his goals.

U19 Undefeated in Black Rock FC Invitational Showcase 

This Saturday, Northwood’s soccer team, operating under the Black Rock FC banner, organized a showcase in which teams from around the Northeast and Canada came to a BRFC-hosted showcase in Albany to compete at a high level. 

Soccer players in recent match (photo: Black Rock FC).

Coming off very good results in the Las Vegas Players’ Showcase, the U19 squad continued on the right track, drawing the first match and finding victory in the second and third contests. 

On the other hand, the young U17 Huskies had trouble finding victory and concluded the weekend with three defeats. 

Regardless of the result, both teams are once again working to achieve a good performance in the NEFC tournament in Boston and hope to conclude the event with the Black Rock FC name on top. 

Undefeated U19 Team Wins Group at Vegas Showcase

The U19 soccer team at the 2022 Players Showcase in Las Vegas (Photo: Black Rock Football Club).

Both Black Rock teams traveled to Las Vegas to compete in the famous “Players Showcase” that took place on March 11-13, in which both teams played 4 games. 

The U19 team shone and achieved 3 wins and 1 draw, being number one in their group after a very good group performance. 

The U17 team fared less well but showed great promise while losing two games and drawing in two. 

Both teams will look to continue fighting this weekend at that Black Rock-hosted Showcase in Albany.  The teams are working to achieve good results in this showcase. 

Humans of Northwood: Colter Cheney- Seymour ‘22 

I was born in Maine but grew up in Saranac Lake and Park City Utah. I am the second of two brothers. In my free time I love to play soccer and ski in the winter. I also enjoy listening to music. My dream is to achieve my goals: on the academic side, I would like to become a physical therapist and possibly a soccer coach. In college I hope to study sports medicine or physical therapy. 

As told to Pablo Obrador ’22. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge

Humans of Northwood: Ïu Pentinat Llurba ‘22 

I was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where I have lived all my life. I am 18 years old and I am the second of four brothers. At 16 I arrived at Northwood School to achieve my goal of studying and playing soccer at the highest level in college. In my free time I like to spend time with my friends, play video games and watch Formula 1. Thanks to the experiences of life, I have matured, which has helped me to have goals in my life and work for them. I am very passionate about football and my dream is to become a professional footballer and find something that makes me happy. I enjoy living at Northwood and the friendships I have made here will be for a lifetime.” 

As told to Pablo Obrador ’22. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge

Soccer Team has Sights Set on Showcases

The 2021-22 Soccer Teams. Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge.

The Northwood school U-17 and U-19 boys’ soccer teams are working hard to prepare for the upcoming Dallas Cup, a showcase tournament that has been played since 1980, making it one of the most coveted soccer showcases at the national level. This year, the event will be played from April 9 to April 17.

As a tune-up before Dallas, the Huskies recently played at the Manhattan Showcase and this weekend they will play at Gillette Field in Massachusetts against New England Revolution Academy in preparation for the big championship in Dallas.

Dallas Cup is a very difficult and competitive tournament for which all the teams train hard for a long time to achieve good results. Teams from all over the world come to show that they are the best.

Nearly half of the teams are international, another 40% come all over the United States, and 20% are local teams. In addition, the spectators will exceed 100,000 people during the week of the event.

The coaches of both teams expect very good results from their teams. Coach Moodey will be in charge of taking the U-19 to the top while in the U-17s will be Coach Martínez.

Coach Moodey knows that he has a team with great players, so his expectations are very high and he believes that the Northwood team could be at the top of the Dallas Cup It will not be easy, Moodey said, but they will work hard for the good results.

Before Dallas, the squads head to Las Vegas for week for the Players Showcase, another highlight of the team’s season.

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