Humans of Northwood: Komar Martinez-Paiz

Komar Martinez-Paiz (Photo by Pablo Obrador ’22)

A new face joined the Northwood community a few months ago. Mr. Komar Martinez-Paiz hopes to contribute to the community, especially the Black Rock soccer program.

Coach Komar told The Mirror he feels very happy with this new position and he also says he feels very productive with the responsibilities he has had both in the Black Rock program and for the greater Northwood community. This time has been vital for Coach Komar to find balance in his life, wake up each morning with a reason and find happiness in his work.

Within Black Rock, his job is to support Coach Moodey with the organization of championships and the U19 team, as well as helping young athletes to enhance their quality on and off the pitch, by giving advice and helping each of the athletes to be better athletes people every day.

During his free time, Coach Komar likes to read, do yoga, meditate and exercise to stay in shape. Lately he has found a new passion for investing and is exploring this with the new Investment Club that Mr. Kelvin Martinez advises.

Coach Komar wants to continue working to support each of the athletes and move forward with his personal goals, working day by day to achieve his goals.


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