Thursday is Ring the Bell For Northwood

Northwood School’s 7th annual Ring the Bell fundraising event is set to take place on March 2nd. This highly anticipated event creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm, excitement, and support for the school among its alumni, parents, and friends. With the option of an online fundraiser, alumni and parents from around the world can participate in this fantastic event and contribute to the Northwood Fund.

Mr. Thomas Broderick, who is leading this year’s Ring the Bell event, considers it the biggest celebration for Northwood. “We call it a day for Northwood where we ask our alumni, students, and parents to give back to the school,” he said. This is the perfect opportunity for the Northwood community to show their appreciation for the school and give back to it in a meaningful way.

All funds raised through Ring the Bell go to the Northwood Fund, which supports some of the school’s highest priorities, such as financial aid and LEAP. The Northwood family can donate from all over the world, making it an incredibly powerful annual celebration that is vital for Northwood.

This year, Northwood is looking to involve 100% of the student body in the act of philanthropy by having them make calls, write appeals, or thank you letters to those connected to Northwood.  Mr. Broderick is encouraging students to consider making a donation in the amount of their graduation year should they choose to fiscally participate and give back to their school. Click here to Ring the Bell for Northwood and show your support for the school’s continued success.


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