Students Honored with Underclass Awards

The Underclass Award Ceremony was on Monday, May 15. Students from the junior class won several awards. There were also several college scholarships given out to students who have been excelling the classroom. It was great to see so many Northwood students get so many fantastic awards.

The winners of the awards are listed below. Northwood congratulates the students who won these prestigious awards and encourages those who didn’t win an award to work hard in their studies and win an award in the future.


Dartmouth Book Award

The Dartmouth Alumni Book Award Program has two goals:  to recognize and reward high school juniors who have excelled both academically and in their extracurricular activities; and to encourage these talented students to consider attending Dartmouth.  The winner is: KRISTEN KIGGEN ‘24


Williams Book Award

The Williams College Book Award encourages intellectual excellence and recognizes student achievement.  A book is awarded to the student who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and made significant contribution to the extracurricular life of their school. The winner is: ASHLEY GUEVARA ‘24


Brown Book Award

Brown University honors the junior who best combines academic excellence with clarity in written and spoken expression.  Language is the highest expression of our humanity; it defines what we are and what we aspire to be.  Those who use words effectively will be the leaders in the generation.  In them we invest our hope; to them we accord our respect.  With this award, we salute their potential.  The winner is: SOPHIA SCHUPP ‘24


Bowdoin Book Award

This award recognizes a high school junior who has demonstrated extraordinary service to the common good and an unusual passion for inquiry, discovery, and innovative thinking. The winner is:      PARKER ASBRIDGE  ‘24


University of Notre Dame Book Award

The Notre Dame Book Award recognizes a junior who is a creative, compassionate individual; who is curious, excels academically; and who seeks social justice and a way to make a difference.  The recipient is: BRIAN BRADY ‘24


University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award

A merit scholarship for a minimum of $5,000 per year to the University of Rochester is given to one junior with outstanding academic achievement in the field of science and math.  This year’s recipient is: COLIN KIS ‘24


Rensselaer Medal

This award is given annually by the Alumni Association of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to the student in the Junior Class who ranks highest in math & science and has the greatest interest in a science-related career.  This merit scholarship is for up to $120,000 over four years.  The winner is: TEAGAN WENTZEL ‘24


Clarkson Awards

The Clarkson University High School Leadership Award recognizes outstanding leadership qualities and academic promise.  This award carries a $100,000 scholarship over four years.  Northwood’s nominee is: BELLA NORRIS ‘24

The Clarkson University High School Achievement Award carries a $80,000 scholarship over four years. SHAYNA DEUTSCH ‘24


Augsbury/North Country Scholarship at St. Lawrence University

The Augsbury/North Country Scholarship was established in 1974 and serves to recognize academic and co-curricular leadership among designated North Country and Canadian high school students.  The four-year scholarship, worth up to $140,000, is awarded to three nominated students.  Northwood School’s nominees are: ELIZABETH CREIGHTON ‘24, OLIVIA LEVESQUE ‘24, and OWEN FLYNN ‘24


The University of Vermont Citizen Scholar Book Award

UVM recognizes exemplary students with this award for demonstrating active citizenship and service to their communities as well as outstanding scholarship.  Putting knowledge into action for the betterment of humanity is at the foundation of a UVM education.  This year’s award goes to: LEON BRODY ‘24


Saint Michael’s College Book Award

The Saint Michael’s Book Award recognizes a pair of juniors who exhibit the characteristics of an ideal Saint Michael’s student.  Awardees are candidates for the Cum Laude Society and demonstrate Social Conscience:  they show a sustained and sincere commitment to community service, issues of peace and justice, and concern for others.  This year’s winners, who will receive a scholarship to Saint Michael’s College of at least $17,000 per year up to full tuition, are: KATIE DEMERS ‘24 and SAM RUDY ‘24


St. Bonaventure BONNIE Scholarships

At St. Bonaventure, Franciscan values of community and service are cornerstones of their identity, mission, and culture. The Bonnie Scholarships, $80,000 over 4 years of study, reward students based on qualities that reflect the core values of the university, including academic excellence, community, integrity, wisdom, leadership, social responsibility, compassion, and an appreciation for diversity. SACHIEL MING ‘24 and NICOLAS CEDENO ‘24


Elmira College Key

Sponsored by the Elmira College Alumni Association, the Elmira Key has been awarded since 1935.  This merit award is bestowed upon an outstanding student in their junior year of high school.  The Elmira Key holds a monetary scholarship of $80,000 over four years upon enrolling at Elmira.  This year’s winners are: MORGAN SMITH ‘24


Alfred University Scholars Award

Alfred University offers a wide variety of scholarships to acknowledge the special abilities of new first year, transfer and international students.  One current junior from each high school will be eligible for this award. Based on chosen major, the selected recipient will receive up to $30,000 per year until graduating from Alfred University.  This year the award goes to: BENJAMIN PLUCINSKI ‘24


The University at Albany Multicultural High School Achievers Award

The University at Albany Multicultural High School Achievers Award Program honors the accomplishments of high school achievers from upstate New York and beyond.  Now proudly celebrating its 35th year, this program provides the University at Albany with the opportunity to recognize juniors who have distinguished high school academic records and who are involved in numerous school and community activities.  This year’s winner is: SAM KNAUF ‘24



Department Awards


English Prize

The English prize goes to a student for whom literature is a passport to all lands and ages for whom writing is an opportunity to convey worthy ideas with passion and grace. The winner this year is: KRISTEN KIGGEN ‘24


World Language Prize

The Language Prize is awarded to the student who passionately pursues skill in the speaking, reading, and writing of a foreign language. The winners this year are:

For French  –  LEON BRODY ‘24

For Spanish  –  SOPHIA SCHUPP ‘24


Mathematics Prize

The Mathematics prize is given to a student who combines talent with hard work, and whose curiosity and creative thinking provide a lively model for maximizing learning in mathematics. The winner this year is: DREW DONATELLO ‘24


Science Prize

The Science prize is given to a student who has demonstrated both

interest and achievement in the field of science. This student has a strong desire to understand scientific concepts and has an inquisitive mind. In addition, this student thinks about the topics beyond the scope of the classroom and completes every assignment with diligence and effort. The winner this year is: COLIN KIS            ‘24


Social Science Prize

The Social Science Prize is presented for excellence in the appreciation and understanding of issues in the Social Sciences. The winner is: OWEN FLYNN ‘24


Visual and Performing Arts Prizes

Creativity, passion, energy, and a zest for artistic excellence are qualities that describe the recipients of these awards.




English Learner Prize

The English Learner Prize is given to a junior who has, through engagement in the Northwood Community, demonstrated an increased mastery of the English language.  The winner is: ELISABETH CREIGHTON ‘24


Innovation, Engineering, and Entrepreneurial Prize

The IEE Prize is given to a student whose curiosity, creative problem-solving, and teamwork helped advance the development and growth of the Innovation, Engineering, and Entrepreneurial Studies program. The winner is: PIPER TEIG ‘24


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