Humans of Northwood: Emily Cairo ‘20

I’m 17 years old, so I feel a little young to head off to college this September. But I think it’s better to get a head start.

I’m from Miami, Florida. I’m going to major in economics and get a master’s degree after college. Even after Northwood, I want to continue snowboarding as if I were at Northwood.

– As told to Miranda Bookman ‘20

Humans of Northwood: Maggie MacNeil ‘20

I come from a hockey family with three older brothers and a father who has coached all of us throughout the years.

I’m from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Before coming to Northwood, I played with Ottawa Ice and Lady 67’s. This is my second year at Northwood. After Northwood, I’m pursuing physical and occupational therapy at Lawrence University. Although my plans can change along the way, I hope to study abroad to take part in many medical programs.

– As told to Miranda Bookman ‘20

Humans of Northwood: Courtney Fairchild ‘20

I have colorful hair, I play guitar, and I cook a mean eggs benedict.

I first came to Northwood with big dreams of being a hockey star and of going D1 in college and maybe even to the Olympics. I wanted to be super popular with lots of friends and a cute boyfriend. Boy, have I learned a lot since then. I figured out pretty quickly that I’m not the best goaltender. But I also figured out that I really love the athleticism and comradery of a team. I failed chemistry, but I got a 5 on the AP Bio test and realized my desire to study medicine. Though I never did end up with a huge group of friends or a cute boyfriend, the people I did befriend stuck with me for four years and became as close as family. And I did manage to score a cute girlfriend.

My point is, even though absolutely nothing went how I wanted it to, but I wouldn’t change a single thing. That’s what’s special about Northwood—it’s chaotic and at times extremely difficult, but you’re guaranteed to come out the other side stronger. When I first applied to high schools, most of them rejected me. Now, I’ve got an NROTC scholarship to Cornell. How cool is that? I never would have had that opportunity if not for Northwood and the changes and realizations I had there. I’m graduating online with a big smile on my face and a mailed diploma, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Peace out, class of 2020. We did it.

– As told to Miranda Bookman ‘20

Students React to School’s Decision to Stay Online for the Rest of the Year

VictoryBellNorthwood Head of School, Mr. Michael Maher, recently announced the extension of online learning through the remainder of the school year. Read Mr. Maher’s statement here.

Students are disappointed with the decision but understand the school is doing what is best.

Robert Renner ‘21 said, “I’m sad to see this school year end like this. I am in my junior year of high school, and I’ve been to three different high schools. I can say my time at Northwood has been by far the best of my high school experience. I can’t do much about this whole situation except look forward to the Northwood experience I’ll have next year.”

Jazlyn Lluberes ‘23 said, “I can’t believe the school year had to end so quickly. I was excited to experience my first spring trimester at Northwood since everyone says it’s the best time of the year.”  Haley Donatello ‘21 agreed. She said, “I was sad when Mr. Maher made it official.”

But students acknowledged that the decision was inevitable. Patrik Bruna ‘22 said, “It’s very unfortunate that Northwood closed, but I think it’s right to keep students safe.” Ben Norton ‘22 supported the school’s decision. “The school did the right thing because the virus is getting increasingly worse all around the world. I’m fortunate that I get to go back to school next year.”

Mr. Maher’s video to the Northwood community touched others’ hearts as well. “When I watched the video from Mr. Maher, I got so sad. I just feel like the last time everyone at Northwood was together, all we did was talk about online classes. There should have been one last meeting to address what would happen if we didn’t come back. I can’t imagine how the seniors feel,” Addie Castillo ‘21 said.

Johnny Cielo ‘21 also sympathized with the seniors. “It’s going to be hard for the seniors to not be able to go back next year to see their friends, experience Winter Carnival and spring sports, and just be in Lake Placid as it warms up. I’m going to miss them. I hope they have an awesome future ahead of them,” said Cielo.

Seniors were devastated that the commencement ceremony for the class of 2020 was canceled. Zachary Ellsworth ‘20 said, “It’s extremely overwhelming to see my four years at Northwood end like this. I haven’t really been sure of how to react. I’m just sort of hoping that everything is a joke. I’ve worked so hard for these past four years. To see the best of my four years come to an end like this kills me. It almost feels like everything I’ve done in high school has been wasted. It’s a terrible feeling. I hope everyone can get together this summer at some point for a commencement ceremony because that is something that needs to happen,” Ellsworth added.

Other seniors were equally heartbroken. Emily Cairo ‘20 said, “When Mr. Maher mentioned the seniors in his video, I started crying. I’m not surprised that the year ended like this, but I’m still speechless.”

Nate Boak ‘20 said, “I know that this is for our safety, that it’s the best thing to do in a time like this. But it still sucks to not be able to walk across the stage.” Margot Rouquette ‘20 is not yet ready to bid farewell to her high school experience either. “High-school graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we’re all going to have to miss out on,” said Rouquette. “I’m sad that I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye to everyone. We left too fast. I’m gonna miss Northwood more than anything,” she added.

Four-year survivors were most disappointed. Martin McDonough ‘20 said, “I think it’s absolutely heartbreaking that myself and all the seniors won’t be able to finish our senior year at school, the place a lot of us call home. Not being able to walk the stage on graduation day is frustrating, especially for us four-year survivors.”

Julia Geraldi ‘20 had a hard time accepting the truth. “Over the past month, it has taken me time to fully realize that school is over and I won’t be going back. I’m a four-year senior, so I was very disappointed that this is how my Northwood life will end. I hope this is for the greater good. I’m still in touch with friends and keeping up with school and workouts. Hopefully, I’ll get to head up to Lake Placid for one final goodbye.”

Braelyn Tebo ‘20 has also been at Northwood for her entire high school career. “When school went online in March, I was sad,” said Tebo. “But I was still holding onto the hope that we might come back at least for graduation. When we got the official announcement that we won’t be coming back, I felt like that hope for my senior year was lost. It was heartbreaking that I will never really get to say goodbye to the place I’ve called home for the past four years. I’m not ready to say goodbye to Northwood,” said Tebo.

As of now, the 2020 commencement ceremony is canceled. However, the school is planning ways to recognize the senior class and will keep students notified of any changes. The FAQ released with Mr. Maher’s announced said, “We know that the question of commencement is weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of our seniors and their families. Please know that this weighs heavily on our hearts and minds as well. While we will not speculate what such a ceremony will look like, we are committed to finding a way to honor the outstanding Class of 2020 and their achievements in ways that will include an event on campus at some point in the future that will include all members of the class of 2020 ringing the victory bell.”

The Mirror wishes the Northwood community dispersed across the globe the best of luck.  For more information and updates, please visit the COVID-19 webpage on Northwood’s website. 

Young Alumni Speak to Students About College Life


From left to right: Morgan Broderick ’19, Sarah Coombs ’19, and Sara Donatello ’18 at the young alumni panel on Monday, January 13 (Photos: Michael Aldridge).

At Monday’s school meeting, three young Northwood School alumni spoke to current students about life in college and the transition from Northwood to their current schools. The event was organized and moderated by the College Counseling Office and Mr. John Spear, Assistant Head for School Life.

The panelists were Morgan Broderick ‘19, a first-year student at Goucher College, Sarah Coombs ‘19, a first-year at McGill University, and Sara Donatello ‘18, a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire. All three alumni spoke about how Northwood School prepared them well for college, even if they weren’t aware that they were being prepared at the time.

“The structure of Northwood sets the stage for the transition and the new freedoms and structure of college,” said Sara Donatello ‘18. “Northwood habits transition with you, they are ingrained within you.”

Morgan Broderick ‘19 was excited to get back to her alma mater. “I was really happy when Mr. Spear sent me the email asking to be part of the panel,” said Broderick. “When I got to the auditorium and saw Sarah and Sara it just felt like old times. I got the same little bit of nervousness I did before we went out on stage just like I used to before making an announcement,” she said. Broderick said the discussion at school meeting felt similar to conversations she’s had with friends since starting college. “When it came to the questions students asked, it felt similar to conversations I’d already had with some of my friends who are currently seniors. It also felt similar to the advice that had been given to me. It was nice to be back on the Northwood stage again.”

First Trimester Honor Rolls Released

December 6, 2019 — Dr. Laura Finnerty Paul, Northwood School’s Dean of Academic Affairs, today announced the Honor Rolls for the first trimester of the 2019-20 school year, which concluded on Friday, November 15.

Upperclassmen (Gr. 11 & 12):  Minimum weighted GPA of 4.00 with no grade below B+
Underclassmen (Gr. 9 & 10):  Minimum weighted GPA of 3.70 with no grade below B+

Amelia Brady ‘21 Macie Eisenhart ‘23 Jazlyn Lluberes ‘23
Katherine Broderick ‘22 Courtney Fairchild ‘20 Santiago Matheu ‘20
Ryan Cielo ‘21 Kathryn Hagness ‘21 Iva-Amanda Nelson ‘23
Ellie Colby ‘21 Caroline Harrison ‘22 Christie-Ann Nelson ‘23
Kira Cook ‘23 Erin “Lexi” Hooper ‘20 Rowen Norfolk ‘22
Ava Day ‘21 Su Hae “Jessica” Jang ‘20 Mateo Rodriguez Cortina ‘20
Cisco DelliQuadri ‘20 Jacob Jaslow ‘23 Abigail Sinclair ‘23
Haley Donatello ‘21 Madison Kostoss ‘21 Jonathan Sinclair ‘20
Patrick Doyle ‘20 Hilary Larsen ‘22 Emilie Venne ‘20


Upperclassmen (Gr. 11 & 12):  Minimum weighted GPA of 3.70 with no grade below B
Underclassmen (Gr. 9 & 10):  Minimum weighted GPA of 3.30 with no grade below B

Rintaro Akasaka ‘20 Aimee Headland ‘20 Marie-Jeanne Prince ‘22
Angelia Castillo ‘21 Audrey Higgins-Lopez ‘21 Charles Purcell ‘21
Adelia Castillo ‘21 Jadenlin Klebba ‘21 Imani Rodriguez ‘20
John Cielo ‘21 Aidan Lasky ‘22 Bernardo Simoes ‘20
Maisie Crane ‘23 Anja Martin ‘22 Ana Spencer ‘20
Nora Dawood ‘23 Andrew Mazza ‘21 Adria Tebo ‘23
Norah Dempsey ‘21 Olivia McClean ‘22 Braelyn Tebo ‘20
William Donato ‘21 Ashlyn McGrath ‘21 Mariema Thioubou ‘23
Magdalena Erbenova ‘20 Thebe Mosehathebe ‘23 Johann Tremblay-Kau ‘22
Ziyad Fakhuri ‘20 Keith Mutunga ‘21 Andew Van Slyke ‘20
Ella Fesette ‘22 Minh-Khoi “Kirk” NguyenLe ‘23 Kara Wentzel ‘22
Lucas French ‘20 Madison Novotny ‘20 Joey Winthrop ‘23
Alvaro Galan Ortega ‘20 Maximilian Oechsner ‘21 Zachary Zientko ‘21
Christophe Garon ‘20 Santiago Perez Diosdado ‘22
Carson Hall ‘22 Noah Pittman ‘21


Upperclassmen (Gr. 11 & 12):  Minimum GPA of 3.30 with no grade below B-
Underclassmen (Gr. 9 & 10):  Minimum GPA of 3.00 with no grade below B-

Pedro Bacci ‘23 Mackenzie Hull ‘21 Benjamin Norton ‘22
Brian Bette ‘22 Eli Jean-Francois ‘21 Chase Ormiston ‘21
Tyler Boudreau ‘22 Sean Kgwakgwa ‘21 Anna Pavlasova ‘23
Daniel Colabufo ‘20 Nathan Kirschenbaum ‘21 Robert Renner ‘21
Gabrielle Cote ‘21 Michael Leone ‘21 Lucas Rodriguez Cortina ‘20
Benjamin DeGirolamo ‘21 Elise Loescher ‘21 William Rosen ‘20
Peppi DelliQuadri ‘22 Slater Loffredo ‘22 Eitan Rosen ‘20
Zachary Ellsworth ‘20 Martin McDonough ‘20 Jack Schlifke ‘20
Ray Fust ‘21 Brendan Merriman ‘21 Luke Smith ‘21
Jordan Harris ‘21 Luc Mikula ‘21 Hadley Swedlund ’20
Erik Hegyi ‘21 Christopher Morgan ‘20 Marcelo Suarez Rojas ‘20


Attained at least three “excellent” grades, with no effort grades below “good.”

Rintaro Akasaka ‘20 Ella Fesette ‘22 Iva-Amanda Nelson ‘23
Matthew Brady ‘22 Lucas French ‘20 Christie-Ann Nelson ‘23
Amelia Brady ‘21 Julia Geraldi ‘20 Rowen Norfolk ‘22
Katherine Broderick ‘22 Danda Gesang ‘20 Benjamin Norton ‘22
Angelia Castillo ‘21 Kathryn Hagness ‘21 Chase Ormiston ‘21
John Cielo ‘21 Caroline Harrison ‘22 Santiago Perez Diosdado ‘22
Ryan Cielo ‘21 Aimee Headland ‘20 Noah Pittman ’21
Daniel Colabufo ‘20 Audrey Higgins-Lopez ‘21 Marie-Jeanne Prince ‘22
Ellie Colby ‘21 Erin “Lexi” Hooper ‘20 Robert Renner ‘21
Ryan Combe ‘20 Su Hae “Jessica” Jang ‘20 Imani Rodriguez ‘20
Kira Cook ‘23 Jacob Jaslow ‘23 Lucas Rodriguez Cortina ‘20
Gabrielle Cote ‘21 Jadenlin Klebba ‘21 Mateo Rodriguez Cortina ‘20
Nora Dawood ‘23 Madison Kostoss ‘21 Eitan Rosen ‘20
Ava Day ‘21 Hilary Larsen ‘22 William Rosen ‘20
Benjamin DeGirolamo ‘21 Adian Lasky ‘22 Bernardo Simoes ‘20
Peppi DelliQuadri ‘22 Jazlyn Lluberes ‘23 Jonathan Sinclair ‘20
Cisco DelliQuadri ‘20 Elise Loescher ‘21 Ana Spencer ‘20
Haley Donatello ‘21 Slater Loffredo ‘22 Lily Spiegel ‘22
William Donato ‘21 Anja Martin ‘22 Marcelo Suarez Rojas ‘20
Patrick Doyle ‘20 Santiago Matheu ‘20 Braelyn Tebo ‘20
Macie Eisenhart ‘23 Andrew Mazza ‘21 Johann Tremblay-Kau ‘22
Zachary Ellsworth ‘20 Olivia McClean ‘22 Andrew Van Slyke ‘20
Magdalena Erbenova ‘20 Luk Mikula ‘21 Emilie Venne ‘20
Courtney Fairchild ‘20 Thebe Mosehathebe ‘23 Kara Wentzel ‘22
Ziyad Fakhuri ‘20 Keith Mutunga ‘21 Zachary Zientko ‘21

Girls’ Hockey Undefeated Streak Ends, Goes 3-1-1 in Detroit

The girls’ hockey team traveled to Detroit, Michigan recently to compete in the Detroit 2 Nations tournament. The girls got 2nd place in the tournament, ending the weekend with a 3-1-1 record. The loss and tie were the first two blemishes in the girls’ season, which started better than any other season in the history of girls’ hockey at Northwood School.


Ashlyn McGrath ‘ 21 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

The first game of the weekend was another battle against the Philadelphia Jr. Flyers. From the opening faceoff, the play was evenly-matched between the two teams. The first period had no goals but lots of effort from the Huskies. In the second stanza, the Flyers got on the scoreboard first and took the lead 1-0 into the third period. The Huskies weren’t going to back down as Margot Rouquette (Forward, 2020) scored to tie the game at 1. The final score was a 1-1 tie. Rachel Hinkley (Goaltender, 2021) saved 11 out of 12 shots on net. [Read more…]

Humans of Northwood: Ryan Combe ‘20


I’m from York, Maine, I’m 19 years old, and I am a postgraduate. My favorite thing about Northwood is the people. I feel like I’ve fit in from the start — like I’ve been here for years, even though I’ve only been here a couple months. My favorite thing about Lake Placid is downtown: being able to leave the school and hang out with everybody. It’s a cool environment to go out to get food and hang out around the lake. Next year, I will be going to college at the University of Akron where I will be playing soccer, which I’m excited about, and then hopefully from there play professionally someplace.

As told to Miranda Bookman ‘20


Humans of Northwood: Ashlyn McGrath ’21


Ashlyn McGrath ’21 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

I’m seventeen years old and I’m from Albany, NY. I’m a forward on the girls’ hockey team. My pregame routine is waking up early to go to the gym to get a stretch in. Followed by team breakfast, dressing in game-day attire, getting my pre-game coffee and getting in the zone with my music. The highlights of my time so far at Northwood are the bus rides with the girls, specifically when we do karaoke together. When I’m not playing hockey, I enjoy watching Netflix, drinking coffee and hanging out with friends and family. My favorite thing about Lake Placid is the scenery. The mirror image of the views that reflect off the lake amazes me every time I walk by it. In the future, I want to go to college to play hockey and major in nursing, to eventually go to PT school and become a physical therapist.


Girls’ Hockey Remains Undefeated and Wins Tournament

The girls’ hockey team returned to Burlington, Vermont last weekend to compete in the Rice Prep Tournament. The girls went 5-0, winning the tournament and extending their historic winning streak to seventeen games.


The Girls’ Hockey Team poses with the championship plaque as winners of the Rice Prep Hockey Tournament in Vermont. The team’s 17-0 start is the best in program history (Photo provided).

[Read more…]

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