Young Alumni Speak to Students About College Life


From left to right: Morgan Broderick ’19, Sarah Coombs ’19, and Sara Donatello ’18 at the young alumni panel on Monday, January 13 (Photos: Michael Aldridge).

At Monday’s school meeting, three young Northwood School alumni spoke to current students about life in college and the transition from Northwood to their current schools. The event was organized and moderated by the College Counseling Office and Mr. John Spear, Assistant Head for School Life.

The panelists were Morgan Broderick ‘19, a first-year student at Goucher College, Sarah Coombs ‘19, a first-year at McGill University, and Sara Donatello ‘18, a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire. All three alumni spoke about how Northwood School prepared them well for college, even if they weren’t aware that they were being prepared at the time.

“The structure of Northwood sets the stage for the transition and the new freedoms and structure of college,” said Sara Donatello ‘18. “Northwood habits transition with you, they are ingrained within you.”

Morgan Broderick ‘19 was excited to get back to her alma mater. “I was really happy when Mr. Spear sent me the email asking to be part of the panel,” said Broderick. “When I got to the auditorium and saw Sarah and Sara it just felt like old times. I got the same little bit of nervousness I did before we went out on stage just like I used to before making an announcement,” she said. Broderick said the discussion at school meeting felt similar to conversations she’s had with friends since starting college. “When it came to the questions students asked, it felt similar to conversations I’d already had with some of my friends who are currently seniors. It also felt similar to the advice that had been given to me. It was nice to be back on the Northwood stage again.”


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