Humans of Northwood: Eitan Rosen


I am bilingual as I speak both English and Spanish. I chose Northwood because I knew the opportunities it provided both in the academic and footballing realm. The soccer program here I knew could really help me improve as a footballer, and training hard every day would help prepare me for the next level. What I love most about the school are the sense of community and the people. With it being such a small school in a remote area, you get to know everybody, and I made some really good friends throughout my year here. Some of my hobbies are freestyle juggling, maybe a little cooking, and film. My goals for the future are to win the league title at Boston University and after that play professionally. Another goal of mine is to start my own successful company. My dream is to play in the World Cup. One of my favorite experiences ever was when I was invited to train in England with two professional clubs Brentford and Sunderland. I had the opportunity to not only train with the team but watch matches at the stadiums as well. Next year I will attend Boston University and play soccer. Unfortunately, my one year at Northwood was cut short due to the pandemic, but I enjoyed it and will miss everyone!

– As told to Bernardo Simões

Humans of Northwood: Santiago Matheu

I only lived a year in my native country of Argentina, incredible right?! I chose to study at Northwood because this amazing school gives students the opportunity to do sports and academics at a high level.

In my opinion, the best of this special place is the people. I had the opportunity to meet students all around the world and learn from their culture. My favorite hobbies are watching Netflix, playing soccer, spending time with my friends, and reading.

Despite not knowing for sure what I am going to do next year, due to the virus, I think I will change my plans. But for now, I will try to study in the US, my ultimate goals and dreams are to compete in high-level soccer leagues, travel, and live on a beach.

I am also someone who travels a lot and every year my family, some friends and I go to Brazil. There we play beach soccer, Spikeball, surf and we learn some Portuguese. It’s by far the best type of trip I have ever experienced. Also, amongst the best trips and moments of my life, there is one trip/tournament that I made while at Northwood: The IMG Cup. I really enjoy spending time with my teammates and living the experience of winning a cup together.

– As told to Bernardo Simões

Humans of Northwood: Lucas and Mateo Rodriguez ‘20

I am Lucas (left) and this guy by my side is my twin brother. I am from Mexico and I chose to study at Northwood because I got recruited to play on the soccer team. What I really love about this school and this community are the friendships I was able to build over my two years here. Apart from soccer, my favorite hobby is to travel and one of my favorite trips was my Northwood LEAP Trip to Tanzania last year, because I had the chance to embrace in-depth a totally different country. My plan for next year is to attend college at Colgate University.

I am Mateo (right), and although I was born and raised in Mexico, I am also a Spanish citizen. I chose Northwood because I felt it was the right place for me to keep bettering my athletic abilities, working towards my goals, and growing as a person. What I like the most about Northwood is the close friendships you are able to make with the faculty. It is something which I had not experienced before and was certainly not possible at my old school. Besides playing soccer, what I love to do most is to travel, spend time with my family and friends, and play around with my dogs. My two main goals are to play for Club America, my boyhood club, and captain the Mexican national team at a World Cup. The two best experiences I can think of recently are playing at the Dallas Cup last year and going on the LEAP trip to Tanzania. I was able to make memories that will last a lifetime on both trips. Next year I will be playing soccer and studying at Cornell University!

– As told to Bernardo Simões

Humans of Northwood: Sara Ellsworth ‘21

You know what? I used to go to two schools at the same time. For the first half of the day, I would go to my main high school, and for the second half of the day, I would travel to a school in Saranac Lake. Every day after lunch, a few other Lake Placid kids and I took a bus to a school that offered co-curricular activities like cosmetology, cooking, and automotive. We also took some classes there like English, Health, and Global Studies.

I chose to come to Northwood mainly because my dad works there. But I also wanted to pursue acting and skiing and join the art program. What I love most about Northwood is that no matter who you are, what sport you do, or who your friends are, everyone still treats each other like family.

My favorite hobbies are drawing, painting, writing, acting, skateboarding, playing video games, the piano and bass, and baseball. I also like to study microbiology in my own time. My dream is to become an actor in Hollywood. I wish to lend my voice to cartoons and video games or straight up be in a movie or a show. I plan to be a marshaller or a ticket agent at an airport as a side job in college.

My plan for next year is to work harder on school and try to get accepted into my top colleges. I want to savor every moment I have left at Northwood, because this school saved my life. I plan to make an impact – an impression – for my senior year that will have me remembered.

As told to Bernardo Simões ‘20

Humans of Northwood: Emilie Venne ‘20

I come from a big family. On my mom’s side, I’m the youngest of 14 cousins and siblings. I’ve been skating since I’ve been able to walk. I love any kind of sport, especially new ones. I also love baking and reading.

I chose Northwood for its hockey program, but what I have come to love most about this school is its location. Lake Placid is definitely the ideal place to try new things and to step out of your comfort zone. I also love the people here. They are always there for you, and they care about you. My favorite place to be at Northwood is the fireplace in the living room. On a cold winter day, it just warms you right up. 

One day, I dream to travel the world while learning new languages and immersing myself in different cultures. My favorite trip would be the one I went on for the LEAP program last year. I had the chance to go to Trinidad and Tobago to SCUBA dive and explore the coral reefs. It was an unforgettable experience. It introduced me to a completely new, colorful world that I had no idea existed before. Next year, I plan on going to university and study science while also playing hockey for my school.

– As told to Bernado Simões ’20

Pandemic Shuts Down Soccer Team

The Northwood School soccer team was hard to beat this year, but the strength and power of the beast COVID-19 kept the squad off the field in Las Vegas for the Players Showcase, one of the most anticipated events on the soccer team’s schedule.


The abrupt ending of the spring soccer season was difficult for the players, who are very close (Photo: Black Rock FC).

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Get to Know Mr. Loud


Mr. Loud takes a selfie with Ms. Fagan at a recent commencement (Photo: Ms. Marcy Fagan).

According to the blurb on Northwood’s web site, Mr. Roger Loud…

…has worked in education for over half a century and at Northwood for decades. Prior to Northwood he taught in Cincinnati and served as Head of School at North Country School in Lake Placid. He is married to wife Pat, and has four children: David, Jennifer, Patrick ‘99 and Brigit ‘00.  His outside interests include a lifelong passion for travel and the outdoors.

Staff writer Bernardo Simões ‘20 sat down with Mr. Loud to get to know him better. Here is his report.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. 

I grew up in New York City. I came up to Lake Placid as a seven-year-old camper at Camp Treetops. Later on, I came back to the camp to work as a counselor. After graduating from Amherst, I worked in J.P. Morgan on Wall Street for two years, then I moved to Cincinnati and worked at another bank there. Then I started teaching. This is my 62nd year of teaching.

I have four children, ages 37 to 58, who are all very happy with what branches of life they have decided to get into.

Why did you decide to go from banking to teaching? 

I blame it all on Camp Treetops. I liked what I was doing there in the summer, and I thought I had a handle on what the camp needed. So when springtime came, I quit the bank, went back to camp Treetops to be a counselor in mountain climbing and to do a lot of hiking. When I started teaching in Cincinnati, I taught math and American history for twelve years. Later I became headmaster of that school. Then when my best friend became Head of North Country School, which is affiliated with Camp Treetops, he called me and said, “Please come and help me do this. You’ll be the assistant head of school, and I will be the head.” Because of this, I moved with my family to Lake Placid in 1970 and was at North Country School for 22 years, teaching. For the last ten years, I was Head of North Country.

How was your experience as a headmaster?

There is a good deal missing when you are the head because the focus of your job is no longer on students and teachers. It’s much more on parents, trustees, real estate agents, bankers, and so forth. But none of that had much appeal for me, and that is eventually why I left my favorite place, which is North Country. I just wanted to teach here at Northwood. Now I’ve been here for 28 years. I was dean of faculty when I was hired, and I taught math. Then I was chair of the math department, and now I’m just teaching one course. I usually sit in the library for people like Benny to come and ruin my day [laughs].

When you left banking, did you ever expect to become a teacher and head of school? 

No. When I found I didn’t want to remain at the bank over the summer, I was just drawn back to Camp Treetops because it was such a good fit for me. But I had very little vision of where I would be in ten, twenty years from then. I just enjoyed doing what I was doing! I’m not by nature very ambitious for higher and higher jobs, but being head of school twice allowed me to get a new perspective into the business of schooling. For that I am grateful, but it did not draw on my talents and exposed my lack of talents.


Mr. Loud answers a quick math question between classes (Photo: Northwood School/Facebook).

How has your experience at Northwood been? 

I have very much enjoyed teaching math here. Even though I’m getting to be decrepit (laughing) and I can’t move around very fast anymore, it’s still fun! It has been fun watching Northwood change under several headmasters and watching the student body change a little bit.

How has Northwood changed since you got here for the first time?

I find that the students, generally, are more ambitious and willing to work, and willing to get into the game of being students, meeting challenges. The students when I first got here cared for a little bit less academically. Their willingness to work has definitely increased.

The faculty has become a little more co-ed. I remember that Northwood was a school just for males for quite a long time. It’s nice to see women in all parts of the school. They made Northwood a better place, I think.

I heard one of your children has won a Tony Award? 

Yes. I have a son who has been a musical director on Broadway for close to forty years now, and he was involved in some shows that won the Tony Awards. He has been very successful, and now he teaches at the Manhattan School of Music. I am very jealous of his career [laughs].

Are you also passionate about music?

No, I enjoy some kinds of music, certainly musical theater, but I have the mind that no good music has come upon us in the last forty years.

Where did your passion for math come from?

I think I found it when I was a student in high school. I decided that teaching math would be easy and fun because I quite enjoyed math and working with kids ages ten to nineteen. So teaching math was not the result of any driving ambition. It was just the genetics in my body leaning toward playing with math. I don’t consider myself a mathematician—just a very successful math teacher.


Mr. Loud (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

Because I am your student and I know how genial you are with math, I’m curious about how you keep your brain working at 100% all the time.

The brain is a muscle. The more you use it, the more you keep things alive. So things like solving crossword puzzles, which are a part of my daily routine, always help! When I make tests, I almost always make the questions myself. I don’t use the internet because I’m a bit ignorant in the tech world (laughing). I do find now that I make more careless mistakes presenting math problems in class than I used to.

Do you have any advice for teachers who are just starting their careers?

I am a little short on advice. I don’t believe that you can be taught how to teach just because you studied in a teaching college or because you’ve been to a lot of conventions where someone stands up and tells you what good teaching is. You have to be yourself, and you have to be willing to take the advice of others. Good teaching doesn’t come out of a textbook. You need to have a good deal of empathy with whoever it is you are teaching, and you have to be in almost total control of the subject you are teaching.

But a lot of people get into teaching for one reason or another, and many of them probably don’t belong there. If you don’t have a sense of humor, you are probably in the wrong place. If you decide that teaching is your thing, you need to stay in contact with the students rather than move up the ladder. Teaching is great stuff!

Soccer Teams Take First and Second at Presitigious IMG Cup

After weeks of preparation, the Northwood soccer team traveled to Florida to play in one of the most famous soccer tournaments in the country, the IMG Cup. Once more, the Huskies didn’t disappoint and achieved excellent results.

This was Northwood’s first time competing in the highly-recruited tournament, and the soccer team lived up to their reputation as one of the best prep soccer programs in the country by achieving first place (U19) and second place (U18).


The Winners of the IMG Cup U19 Division (Photo: Black Rock FC)

The tournament started on Friday, December  20th with the U19 team facing A.S.Truitier Haiti, and winning 7-1 in a game completed dominated by the Huskies. After missing a few opportunities, the soccer team scored the first goal and after that, the team kept looking to increase their advantage and the goals kept coming. In the afternoon, it was the U18’s turn and they tied 2-2 against Blast FC on a very split match. In the first half, Northwood dominated the game and got the advantage with goals by Peter Tcheleshev ’22 and an amazing acrobatic kick by Luke Smith ’21. In the second half, the team decreased their intensity and Blast FC scored in the only two chances they had. Despite fighting until the end to obtain victory, the Huskies weren’t able to achieve it.

The second day brought with it strong winds, but not even that was enough to stop both teams from achieving victory. The U19 ‘s faced YPT and won by 8-1, in a match where the goals started early, with Mateo Rodriguez ’20 scoring only four minutes into the game. The Huskies were starving for more and kept scoring throughout the game, completely dominating the match. At the same time, the U18 were facing Chargers SC in a game that ended up in a victory of 3-0 for the Huskies.

The last day of the tournament had the U19 team face Fluminense FC in a game that ended up tied 1-1. This tie was enough to guarantee the first place for the Huskies, who finished their first participation in the tournament as undefeated champions. The U18 team faced IMG Academy U18 team and, just like the U19s, tied the game 1-1. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to place the Huskies in the first place of the group.

The ending of the tournament brought not only happiness and pride, but also some sadness, since two of our players, Ryan Combe ’20 and John Sinclair ’20, left the team and the school, in order to proceed their student-athlete carriers at Akron and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, respectively. We wish them all the luck in the world!

Independent Studies Provide Opportunity to Pursue Interests

Senior Ana Spencer’s independent study explores sustainability and fashion.

This year, nine students are pursuing independent study projects on topics of interest to them. All of them are high-achieving students whose proposals have been approved by Mr. John Spear, Assistant Head for School Life and Dr. Laura Finnerty Paul, Dean of Academic Affairs. Proposals include descriptions of the student’s learning objectives, a timeline for the trimester or school year, choice of advisor, and how the student can measure his or her progress. Students also describe how they will share their projects with the larger school community when it is complete.

The independent study program at Northwood is an opportunity for the participating students to not only educate themselves but also share their learning with the school community. For instance, Ana Spencer ‘20 is working on investigating the impact of the production of clothes on the environment. She believes that modern consumer society does not pay enough attention to the working conditions in clothing factories and wants to study how the Northwood community can get better at consuming clothes that are sustainably made. [Read more…]

Rodriguez is an All-American Soccer Player

Northwood’s soccer program is one of the best high school soccer programs in the country, so it is no surprise that one of our players, Mateo Rodriguez Cortina`20, was selected to play in the 2019 High School All-American Game.


Rodriguez (second from left) with other Black Rock FC players at the All-American Game in Orlando, November 2019.

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