Humans of Northwood: Lucas and Mateo Rodriguez ‘20

I am Lucas (left) and this guy by my side is my twin brother. I am from Mexico and I chose to study at Northwood because I got recruited to play on the soccer team. What I really love about this school and this community are the friendships I was able to build over my two years here. Apart from soccer, my favorite hobby is to travel and one of my favorite trips was my Northwood LEAP Trip to Tanzania last year, because I had the chance to embrace in-depth a totally different country. My plan for next year is to attend college at Colgate University.

I am Mateo (right), and although I was born and raised in Mexico, I am also a Spanish citizen. I chose Northwood because I felt it was the right place for me to keep bettering my athletic abilities, working towards my goals, and growing as a person. What I like the most about Northwood is the close friendships you are able to make with the faculty. It is something which I had not experienced before and was certainly not possible at my old school. Besides playing soccer, what I love to do most is to travel, spend time with my family and friends, and play around with my dogs. My two main goals are to play for Club America, my boyhood club, and captain the Mexican national team at a World Cup. The two best experiences I can think of recently are playing at the Dallas Cup last year and going on the LEAP trip to Tanzania. I was able to make memories that will last a lifetime on both trips. Next year I will be playing soccer and studying at Cornell University!

– As told to Bernardo Simões


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