Humans of Northwood: Emilie Venne ‘20

I come from a big family. On my mom’s side, I’m the youngest of 14 cousins and siblings. I’ve been skating since I’ve been able to walk. I love any kind of sport, especially new ones. I also love baking and reading.

I chose Northwood for its hockey program, but what I have come to love most about this school is its location. Lake Placid is definitely the ideal place to try new things and to step out of your comfort zone. I also love the people here. They are always there for you, and they care about you. My favorite place to be at Northwood is the fireplace in the living room. On a cold winter day, it just warms you right up. 

One day, I dream to travel the world while learning new languages and immersing myself in different cultures. My favorite trip would be the one I went on for the LEAP program last year. I had the chance to go to Trinidad and Tobago to SCUBA dive and explore the coral reefs. It was an unforgettable experience. It introduced me to a completely new, colorful world that I had no idea existed before. Next year, I plan on going to university and study science while also playing hockey for my school.

– As told to Bernado Simões ’20


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