Humans of Northwood: Santiago Matheu

I only lived a year in my native country of Argentina, incredible right?! I chose to study at Northwood because this amazing school gives students the opportunity to do sports and academics at a high level.

In my opinion, the best of this special place is the people. I had the opportunity to meet students all around the world and learn from their culture. My favorite hobbies are watching Netflix, playing soccer, spending time with my friends, and reading.

Despite not knowing for sure what I am going to do next year, due to the virus, I think I will change my plans. But for now, I will try to study in the US, my ultimate goals and dreams are to compete in high-level soccer leagues, travel, and live on a beach.

I am also someone who travels a lot and every year my family, some friends and I go to Brazil. There we play beach soccer, Spikeball, surf and we learn some Portuguese. It’s by far the best type of trip I have ever experienced. Also, amongst the best trips and moments of my life, there is one trip/tournament that I made while at Northwood: The IMG Cup. I really enjoy spending time with my teammates and living the experience of winning a cup together.

– As told to Bernardo Simões


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