Huskies Get Creative to Stay in Shape

Northwood students are active and athletic. Three hockey teams, two soccer teams, and a ski team – not to mention loads of active and fit students who don’t participate in one of the school’s signature athletic programs – typically fill the campus fitness center this time of year

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, Northwood students have returned to their homes across the United States and around the world. Many students are having a difficult time staying in shape as a result of the widespread government restrictions requiring billions of people worldwide to stay in their homes. Northwood students are forced to find new ways to stay active and workout at home instead of going to their local gyms.

Students are getting creative to stay in shape. Luke French ‘20, from Kansas, said “I am doing my best to do some kind of workout each day so that I am not getting out of shape. I am also taking my dog for a walk when I can.”

Soccer player Luke Smith ‘21 is from Bolton England and said, “instead of going to the gym I’ve just been training outside because the gyms have all recently been forced to close. I like to go on runs or play football with my mates”.

Marina Alvarez ‘21 is from Long Island New York, one of the most affected areas within America. She said “It’s been a bit boring with this whole pandemic, but I’ve been finding ways to keep myself active. Our coach has been sending us at-home workouts, which I’ve found very helpful to keep in shape and moving around the house,” she added. “I am getting outside to stickhandle, shoot pucks or just go on a walk up the block”.

Hockey player Ella Fesette ‘21 said, “I’ve been keeping busy by walking my dog, shooting pucks, stick handling, and rollerblading with my brother. I have also been following Coach Gilly’s workouts designed for the team as well as doing my own [workouts].”

Despite the many disruptions, Northwood students are finding creative ways to work out and stay active during this pandemic.

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Pandemic Puts End to Winter Carnival Plans

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all Northwood students have returned home, hoping to return to campus by April 27th. Their departure meant saying goodbye not only to friends but to the 2020 Winter Carnival.

“I’m so upset,” Ella Fesette ‘22 said. “Winter Carnival is my favorite time of the year. My friends and I have been looking forward to it all year.”

Winter Carnival is an all-school event that lasts an entire day, in which the four Peak teams — Big Slide, Gothics, Wolfjaw, and Skylight — compete for points in various activities that range from snow football and broomball to cooking and talent show. The memories made with friends on this day remain special for all Northwood alumni.

The suspension of all campus activities is for the safety of the Northwood community. Nonetheless, students, especially seniors, are bothered that Winter Carnival will not take place this year, at least in the traditional sense. With the planned return to school by the end of April, some students are holding out hope for a Spring Winter Carnival. For now, students are focusing on staying healthy.

Seniors Enjoy Innovation Hub for Study Hall

Five nights a week, from 7:45 to 9:45 PM, all boarding students at Northwood must be in their rooms, the dining hall (for supervised study hall), or the student center (for group study) with their assignments. Yet the 57 seniors are now offered the opportunity to use the Innovation Hub as a study space during study hall.

Many seniors enjoy this privilege because the new facility allows a more collaborative working environment. Maggie McNeil ‘20, who was one of the first seniors to study at the Hub, said, “I like the Hub because I can cooperate with other seniors in my class whenever I have any questions regarding homework or assignments. I also like that I don’t feel as if I’m trapped inside a tiny space. I’m able to think more freely in an open space.”

Another way this experience benefits seniors is by giving them the freedom and responsibility that they will have in college. Senior Lexi Hooper said, “I think studying in a space other than my room will definitely make the transition between high school and college easier. It’ll help me get a little accustomed to what life will be like in college.”

Shuttles to the Hub leaves campus at 7:20 and 7:30 PM from Sunday to Thursday. Underclass students who take classes at the Hub are also permitted to study in this new learning facility; however, study hall at the Hub may be restricted for students, both seniors and underclassmen, who violate facility rules.

WiFi Disruption Disturbs Huskies

After a big snowstorm hit Lake Placid and upstate New York, the Northwood community was sent back in time to the days when socializing was a thing.

The snowstorm hit Lake Placid early in the early evening last Thursday and continued until late night Friday, leaving behind over twenty centimeters of snow.  With the exception of the skiers, all the Northwood athletic teams were home hosting all sporting events. As a result, many teams had difficulty making the journey to Lake Placid. Fortunately, all visiting teams arrived safe and sound. All Northwood teams competed and fought hard with all teams winning their games.

The snowstorm, however, was the least of the students’ worries as widespread internet outages forced students to adjust to living without WiFi. The timing was difficult because it came at the beginning of the last week of the trimester, which is typically packed with tests, papers and other major assignments. Everyone struggled, faculty included. Teachers were unable to teach their planned lessons, and students were unable to complete assignments. But most heartbreaking was that students were unable to talk to one another through their phones. With Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram down, students seemed unable to communicate with each other.


Source: Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Students suffered. Ashlyn McGrath ‘21 said, “it was awful, I didn’t know what to do as everything I normally did wasn’t accessible. I couldn’t do anything: homework, TikTok, social media, or talk to my parents as a result.”

It was all bad for everyone, though. Bernardo Simoes ‘20 used the internet outage as a time to try different things. “As I was unable to connect to any internet, I spent my time listening to music and reading a book.”

Academically, the Wi-Fi outage caused many setbacks; however, faculty are being very helpful and flexible as students did their best under the circumstances. But the bright side was that students were forced to talk to each other. It was observed that roommates who normally speak very little to each other, preferring instead to text or Snap, were forced to use their words when the internet was down. “The struggle was real,” said one Husky.

The internet blackout kept all Huskies off social media and prevented them from completing their academic assignments, but the Northwood faculty worked hard to make this time easier for all, and WiFi has since been restored and students are ready for February Break.

Northwood Student-Athletes Have Strong Showing at Empire State Winter Games

Over 20 Northwood student-athletes competed in the 2020 Empire State Winter Games here in Lake Placid. Their events ranged from Alpine Skiing and Ice Hockey to Bobsledding and Ski Jumping.

Northwood skiers placed in the top five in all Super G, Slalom, and GS races. Norah Dempsey ‘21 placed first in Women’s Super G; Madison Kostoss ‘21 came in fourth and MJ Prince ’22 placed 3rd (among U16s). Rowen Norfolk ‘22, who finished eleventh, had the fastest Northwood time in Men’s Super G. In GS, Audrey Higgins-Lopez ‘21 won the entire Women’s race. In the Men’s section, Andrew Van Slyke ‘20 placed second, just behind recent graduate Jake Reynolds ‘19. Coming in first in Women’s Slalom was Jaden Klebba ‘21, while Norfolk finished fourth for Men’s. MJ Prince ’22 placed 6th is slalom among U16 girls.

Senior Braelyn Tebo ‘20, with her partner Maddy Cohen from Lake Placid High School, slid down the bobsled track twice and took home a silver medal. Competing in Heavyweight Bobsled was Kip Morgan ‘20 and Charlie Purcell ‘21; they also won silver.

Both Elise Loescher ‘21 and Caroline Harrison ‘ 22 made the podium in Open Girls’ Ski Jumping. Loescher won gold, and Harrison was close behind with the bronze.


Graphic: Northwood Athletics.

Adria Tebo ‘23 was the only Northwood student to compete in Ice Hockey with her team Sara-Placid Lakers. After playing four games, the team won a well-deserved bronze medal.

This past weekend was successful for all Northwood students who competed in the 40th Empire State Winter Games in Lake Placid. All athletes are now preparing for this upcoming weekend.

Skiers, Jumpers, and Sliders Ready for Empire State Games 

All year, especially during the winter, Lake Placid welcomes many different athletes through the different sports and this weekend will be no different. For the 40th year, the Adirondacks will be hosting the 2020 Empire State Winter Games.

ski esg

(Graphic: Northwood Athletics)

According to the Empire State Winter Games website, the sporting event brings together athletes from across New York State and beyond. With athletes from over fifteen states and three countries competing in over thirty winter sports.

The Olympic hills, tracks, jumps, and rinks are all ready for all the athletes, including twenty-three Northwood students who are getting ready to compete. Northwood will be represented in three sports: alpine skiing, bobsledding, girls’ hockey, and ski jumping.

Gabby Cote ‘21 is one of the many student-athletes representing Northwood. She and many of her teammates will be racing in all three ski races, the Super G, the GS, and the Slalom. “I’m very excited. As a FIS racer, these [Empire State Games] races are more laid back and feel more like a training session,” said Cote. “I always did these as a kid and I always look forward to having a fun weekend doing them with my friends,” she added.


(Graphic: Northwood Athletics)

Elise Loescher ‘21 is one of only two ski jumpers at Northwood. She reflected on this upcoming weekend. “I’m excited to have a competition on my home hill because it gives me an advantage,” said Loescher, “and there is a sense of confidence it gives you, so I am feeling good for this competition.” Loescher will be competing in the jumping competition, which is a Junior National Qualifier.

Also competing are three bobsledders. Kip Morgan ‘20 and Charlie Purcell ‘21 are both new to the sport, while Braelyn Tebo ‘20, who is teamed up with former Northwood student Maddy Cohen, is a veteran Empire State Games competitor.


(Graphic: Northwood Athletics)

Adria Tebo ’23 will also compete in girls hockey with her U14 SaraPlacid Lakers youth hockey team.

Northwood athletes travel globally for their sports and the Northwood athletes competing in the Empire State Winter Games are looking forward to competing on home ground.

With over 2,000 athletes competing this weekend, Lake Placid is ready to welcome all when the games will begin on Friday, January 31.


Mixed Reactions about Headmaster’s Holiday

Coming off a big weekend of home hockey for all three teams and a heavy weekend of races for skiers, last Monday night was time to settle back into a regular routine. As study hall was coming to an end, celebrations suddenly began all around the dorms. It was the email most were wanting. Tuesday wasn’t going to be the normal day.

After a long tiring, hard-working weekend for all involved, Head of School Mr. Mike Maher decided that everyone deserved some rest. With the help of Jack Duggan ‘17, Mr. Maher declared Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 a Headmaster’s Holiday. In an email to the school community:

SUBJECT: Important Announcement from Mr. Maher

Dear Northwood Community:

I have officially declared tomorrow, January 21, 2020, a Headmaster’s Holiday! Jack Dugan ’17, a sophomore at Providence College, a Hobey Baker Award candidate and currently the leading scorer in NCAA Division I hockey, has agreed to help me with my announcement:

Our hockey teams and their coaches worked so hard this past weekend, and they deserve some downtime after our hockey tournament. I’ve been impressed with the work of all of our students and faculty this school year and take this occasion to acknowledge their collective commitment. Go Huskies and enjoy the day off!

– Mr. Maher

Tuesday’s Schedule

7:40 AM: Hot HIIT with Mr. Jeon
Extended breakfast from 7 – 10:30 AM
Bus to Whiteface at 11:00 AM
Lunch from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM. Students are required to check-in at lunch
Jitney bus at 12:30 PM and 1:00 PM
Fitness Center from 2:30 – 4:30 PM
Tuesday evening will be a regular dinner and study hall.

As imagined, all students were ecstatic and so were most faculty. Emily Cairo ‘20 said, “ I felt relieved when I got the email about the Headmaster’s Holiday because I felt like I needed a quick break.” Many students and faculty took the day to relax before going straight back into sports and academics.

Some faculty disagreed with the Headmaster’s Holiday. Mavis Agnew, Director of Residential Life and Chair of the Art Department said, “The timing of the headmaster’s holiday was difficult for academics.  With our schedule this year, a missed day can have a much larger impact than it did in previous years. Many of our athletes were also missing Friday classes that week.  It was just a lot to miss and be able to keep momentum and continuity. I appreciate wanting to take a break after a busy athletic weekend, but I think a break from athletics, but not academics on Tuesday might have been another option.”

Senior Master Mr. Stephen Reed reportedly said “What the #@%&?” when he learned classes were canceled.

The schedule for the day changed, and different activities were offered but many students took the day to relax and hang out with friends.“Throughout the day I hung out with all of my friends and later on walked into town for some food,” said Cairo.  On the other hand, senior Cisco DelliQuadri’s day was more active. “I went ice climbing with Mr. Mellor and Kip Morgan ‘20,” he said. We went to Chapel Pond Canyon where I led hard ice, which is an accomplishment within ice climbing” said DelliQuadri.

It was definitely a day needed at Northwood school and many thanks to Mr. Maher and Dugan. This upcoming weekend is a travel weekend for both boys’ hockey teams as well as the girls’ team. The soccer team is heading for a day trip on Sunday, while many of the skiers will have their first weekend off since the beginning of the season.

Hockey Teams Look Forward to Invitational Tournament 

Over the last forty-one years, Northwood has been welcoming many teams and families across both America and Canada to compete in the Northwood Invitational, and this year is no different. From Saturday until Monday the rinks will be busy with over twenty-nine teams competing for championships in Girls, Showcase, U16, and Prep divisions.

With all three Northwood teams competing in this tournament, it will allow them to support each other, which they have not been able to so far this year. The Girls’ Team will start the tournament against NAHA Red when they hope to set a program record with the 34th win of the season.  Following that game, the Boys’ Prep team looks to expand on their four-game win streak when they face off against St. John’s College High School. Finally, the Boys’ Junior team looks to continue their successful start to 2020 as they face off against Upper Canada College.

The Northwood Invitational is the most important tournament of the year for the school and nearly every family will be in attendance. One of the highlights of the weekend will be the sale of the custom-designed Blender Bottles, which is a project of Northwood’s entrepreneurship class.

For the first time in tournament history, Northwood games will be streamed on a dedicated YouTube Channel.

With there being so many games this weekend, it’s a perfect opportunity for everybody in the community to come out and support every team.

For game schedules and more information, visit the tournament web site.

Humans of Northwood: Kira Cook ’23


I miss my family and friends. I miss my sister the most. I made the move away from home, Long Island, last September to attend Northwood with two main things on my mind: education and hockey. At my old school, class sizes were very big, and my connection with teachers was minimal. I only saw them for a brief amount of time throughout the day. At Northwood, I can easily make connections with my teachers. Teachers have definitely helped with my experience here. They care not only about my grades but about me as a person. Since class sizes are small and I live with most of the people in the school community, I can get closer to everyone. I love it.

But as much as I love the Northwood community, there are some things about this place that I don’t enjoy as much: the weather in wintertime and the food.

My long-term goal is to become a doctor. But for now, I want to make the most of my time here with my friends that I will never forget. I’ll continue to make memories with them throughout my time at Northwood.

Humans of Northwood: Olivia Paul ‘21 

IMG_3333 2

I spend more time on campus than any other student, I am here all year round. Born in New Jersey, raised in Saratoga and have been growing up in Lake Placid for the last seven years. I am one of the very few students here that fall under the “faculty children” category.

Most students come here for their sports. I am different because I don’t play a sport. My passions are for theatre, volunteering and traveling. Although Northwood is slowly changing, being outside the norm is the one thing I dislike about Northwood. But with the bad comes the good, and  I have made many friends here. I have met people from all over the world. I have learned so much about other cultures. I have been exposed to so many different ways of life and there are many things I will always carry with me and never forget about my time at Northwood.

My mum was instrumental in my decision to attend Northwood, and I always thank her for that. I was going through a lot both personally and academically at the time, and having her close by has meant a lot to me. Northwood is the right fit for me.

Northwood is like a big family to me and leaving that in two years will be very hard but Northwood has and continues to help me grow, making the next step in my life easier. I want to attend university and end up working in the criminal justice field, although I don’t know exactly what I’ll do.

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