Pandemic Puts End to Winter Carnival Plans

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all Northwood students have returned home, hoping to return to campus by April 27th. Their departure meant saying goodbye not only to friends but to the 2020 Winter Carnival.

“I’m so upset,” Ella Fesette ‘22 said. “Winter Carnival is my favorite time of the year. My friends and I have been looking forward to it all year.”

Winter Carnival is an all-school event that lasts an entire day, in which the four Peak teams — Big Slide, Gothics, Wolfjaw, and Skylight — compete for points in various activities that range from snow football and broomball to cooking and talent show. The memories made with friends on this day remain special for all Northwood alumni.

The suspension of all campus activities is for the safety of the Northwood community. Nonetheless, students, especially seniors, are bothered that Winter Carnival will not take place this year, at least in the traditional sense. With the planned return to school by the end of April, some students are holding out hope for a Spring Winter Carnival. For now, students are focusing on staying healthy.


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