Humans of Northwood: Olivia Paul ‘21 

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I spend more time on campus than any other student, I am here all year round. Born in New Jersey, raised in Saratoga and have been growing up in Lake Placid for the last seven years. I am one of the very few students here that fall under the “faculty children” category.

Most students come here for their sports. I am different because I don’t play a sport. My passions are for theatre, volunteering and traveling. Although Northwood is slowly changing, being outside the norm is the one thing I dislike about Northwood. But with the bad comes the good, and  I have made many friends here. I have met people from all over the world. I have learned so much about other cultures. I have been exposed to so many different ways of life and there are many things I will always carry with me and never forget about my time at Northwood.

My mum was instrumental in my decision to attend Northwood, and I always thank her for that. I was going through a lot both personally and academically at the time, and having her close by has meant a lot to me. Northwood is the right fit for me.

Northwood is like a big family to me and leaving that in two years will be very hard but Northwood has and continues to help me grow, making the next step in my life easier. I want to attend university and end up working in the criminal justice field, although I don’t know exactly what I’ll do.


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