Seniors Enjoy Innovation Hub for Study Hall

Five nights a week, from 7:45 to 9:45 PM, all boarding students at Northwood must be in their rooms, the dining hall (for supervised study hall), or the student center (for group study) with their assignments. Yet the 57 seniors are now offered the opportunity to use the Innovation Hub as a study space during study hall.

Many seniors enjoy this privilege because the new facility allows a more collaborative working environment. Maggie McNeil ‘20, who was one of the first seniors to study at the Hub, said, “I like the Hub because I can cooperate with other seniors in my class whenever I have any questions regarding homework or assignments. I also like that I don’t feel as if I’m trapped inside a tiny space. I’m able to think more freely in an open space.”

Another way this experience benefits seniors is by giving them the freedom and responsibility that they will have in college. Senior Lexi Hooper said, “I think studying in a space other than my room will definitely make the transition between high school and college easier. It’ll help me get a little accustomed to what life will be like in college.”

Shuttles to the Hub leaves campus at 7:20 and 7:30 PM from Sunday to Thursday. Underclass students who take classes at the Hub are also permitted to study in this new learning facility; however, study hall at the Hub may be restricted for students, both seniors and underclassmen, who violate facility rules.


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