Dress Code at Breakfast

When I think of breakfast, I think of pancakes, eggs, and especially pajamas. Eating breakfast without pajamas just isn’t the same. For the first hour after we wake up we are all still very tired, and there is about a 75% chance that I would spill food on my clothes. If I were in pajamas this wouldn’t be a problem.


These random students, not affiliated with Northwood in any way, enjoy eating breakfast in their pajamas. (Photo: UNC/Instagram)

Another thing to consider is if we have first or double off and want to eat breakfast and then go back to sleep? Before this dress code rule, you could walk down in pajamas, eat, and then go back to sleep. But, you can’t do that anymore, so most people are most likely going to skip breakfast to sleep a little later. Even though breakfast is the most important meal of the day, some students are willing to risk it for sleep.

What if you want to work out in the morning to free up some more time later in your day? The good news is that the gym is open. After a hard workout you’re ready for a nice big nutritious breakfast, right? The bad news is that you can’t eat unless you shower, and there is not time for that, so I guess you’ll have to survive off of a little granola bar. My good friend Sierra once did a workout in the morning and was starving after, but the faculty wouldn’t let her eat, even though there was absolutely no time for her to walk all the way down to the girls dorm, shower, get dressed, and walk all the way back up to eat. I wasn’t going to let my friend walk back to the dorm without giving her some type of good breakfast that was available to those in dress code, so I made her a banana-chocolate milk smoothie to put in her water bottle. I am sure I was not the first to do this for one of their friends. Unfortunately, we cannot do this for our friends everyday so there should be a solution, which is being allowed to wear whatever we please to breakfast.

Girls are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to dress code for breakfast. What if I want to brush my teeth after I eat? I can’t, because it is way too far away. Unless I bring a toothbrush up to the main building and brush my teeth in the bathroom sink, but I know no girls want to do that.

The most important problem we students face in this situation is that this place is not only our school, but our home. We are supposed to feel comfortable during something as simple as breakfast.We should be allowed to wear what we want before and after school, just like how it would be at home. Northwood is supposed to have a homey feeling, and half of that feeling is taken away with dress code breakfast.

The contributor who wrote this wishes to remain anonymous because she fears people will make fun of her childish opinions. The truth is, most students know who wrote this.


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