New Security Cameras Installed

Nori Fitzsimmons ’24 points to a new security camera recently installed on the Second West dorm landing (Photo: Maegan Byrne ’24).

Northwood School has significantly increased its campus security with the installation of additional cameras in several indoor and outdoor locations. The cameras, which are only triggered by motion and do not record audio, will be used to investigate past damage, vandalism, and rule-breaking incidents and serve as a deterrent against future incidents. The cameras, which are placed in public areas where students and staff do not have an expectation of privacy, are part of a pilot project, and the school will determine in the future if additional cameras are necessary.

Security cameras are currently located in the Bergamini lounge, student center, main entrance, Second West dorm landing, fitness center entrance, and the indoor turf field.

Northwood installed the cameras for multiple reasons. At most educational institutions, it is standard to have security cameras on campus. Due to past damage, vandalism, and broken school rules, a group of faculty decided cameras may be an excellent option to investigate such situations. School leaders also hope the presence of cameras serves as a deterrent against poor behavior.

Before approving and installing these cameras, the school had to ensure they obeyed legal guidance for student safety. The cameras do not have audio due to laws that prohibit recording audio. Furthermore, the cameras are placed in public areas where students and staff generally don’t have an expectation of privacy.

School employees do not monitor cameras 24/7, but they are always on and record when they are triggered by motion. School staff will use the cameras primarily to determine what has happened rather than monitor what is happening.

In the future, Northwood expects to install more cameras in various outdoor locations, such as on the walkway between classroom buildings. Assistant Head of School Mr. John Spear described the new cameras as a “pilot project, and based on how these cameras work out, we will determine if installing more cameras would be helpful in upcoming years.”


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