Humans of Northwood: Charlie Purcell ‘21 

I’ve been skiing since before I could walk, but it wasn’t until I came to Northwood that I found a passion for freestyle. It’s such a unique sport because there is no “right” way to do it. Every trick can be done a dozen different ways, and it’s constant learning and progression that made me love the sport.  

I came to Northwood because I was new to the area and going into high school. I took a shot at getting in and made it. I’ve loved my time here at Northwood. Every year has been unique. Northwood has taught me a lot: time management, discipline, and how to write an essay fifteen minutes before its due.  

I’m super pumped for college. I committed to Saint Mike’s the other day, and I really can’t wait to go.  

Something I am really going to miss about Northwood is the living room. The freedom of socializing and seeing my friends in a comfortable place every day is what brings Northwood alive.  

Something no one knows about me is I hate sparkling water. I think seltzer sucks. 

– As told to Meg Cramer ‘21. Photo provided. 


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