Humans of Northwood: Andres Guerreiro Del Paso ‘23


My name is Andres, and I am from Mexico. I came to Northwood because I wanted to study in a different country, and after speaking with a parent of another student who already went here, I decided Northwood would be a good fit for me.

Since Northwood is a boarding school, my life here has been different from how it was back in Mexico. The only two things that I don’t like about Northwood are some classes that I don’t find so interesting and my room because it’s so small. But I think the location of Northwood makes living here a really good experience! What I miss the most about Mexico is mostly my family and the food. Our meals back home are really different from our meals here.

After Northwood, there is a small chance that I’ll attend a college in the U.S. I’ll probably go back to Mexico at the end of this school year. I’ll never forget some of the activities I have done here such as rock climbing.

As told to Bernardo Simões ’20


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