Humans of Northwood: Pedro Bacci ‘23


My name is Pedro Bacci, and I am a soccer player from São Paulo, Brazil. I came to Northwood because when I played in Brazil, a coach from Black Rock FC watched one of my games and invited me to play here.

My experience at Northwood has been very good so far. I feel very comfortable here because all the faculty, students, and staff are very welcoming. The major difference between Northwood and my old school is the relationship between faculty and students. Here, students are much closer to the faculty.

After graduating from Northwood, I want to go to a college in the U.S., so I can study and play soccer [at the same time]. Things that I’ll never forget about Northwood are the friends I have made here and the amazing experiences I have had so far. I like almost everything about Northwood. The only thing I don’t like is that this place is very cold, and I am not used to it. Brazil is much warmer!

As told to Bernardo Simões


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