[Takeover] Tuesdays are for the Students

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 3.10.12 PMEvery Tuesday, Northwood students get to live a day in the life of another student. A student takes over Northwood’s Instagram account and posts stories throughout the day “to show what it is like to be a student here at Northwood,” according to Ms. Darcy Norfolk, Northwood’s Marketing and Communications Director.

I participated in Takeover Tuesday two weeks ago. When I first learned that I would have to publicly share what I do on a typical day, I was a little nervous. However, it was actually easy to find things to post. Starting with a post at breakfast with my friend Patrick Doyle ‘20, I uploaded a short video of myself in Journalism and pre-practice preparations with my teammate Nate Boak ‘20.

Takeover Tuesday not only allows current students to get to know their classmates better, but it also gives prospective students an opportunity to experience Northwood life before visiting campus.

With Takeover Tuesday successfully integrated into the school’s social media program, Northwood Marketing now looks forward to introducing another initiative called Faculty Friday. Also, some of the future participants of Takeover Tuesday will be able to go live on Instagram, which will make the program more engaging for the viewers. “We welcome outside feedback on what else people want to see,” said Ms. Norfolk.


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