Race Recap: Clarkson Carnival and Smuggler’s Notch

Four Northwood School alpine ski racers competed at the Clarkson University Carnival at Whiteface Mountain on Saturday and Sunday, and 5 athletes competed at Smugglers Notch resort on Sunday.

At Whiteface on Saturday, January 27th

Sarah Bennett ‘19 finished 4.16s out, scoring 70.03
Jojo Rosenbluth ‘19 finished 9.29s out, scoring 111.32

Matthieu Cote ‘18 finished 4.19s out, scoring 58.55
Wim Roney ‘18 DNF


At Whiteface on Sunday, January 28th

Jojo Rosenbluth finished 13.06s out, scoring 119.84

Matthieu Cote DNF
Wim Roney DNF


At Smuggler’s on Sunday, January 28th

Sarah Bennett finished 5.32s out, scoring 82.76
Chelsea Smith ‘19 finished 12.14s out, scoring 137.16
Samantha Cornelius ‘18 finished 16.36s out, scoring 170.82
Maddie McCarthy ‘18 DNF
Jane Baumer ‘18 DNF

Sheffield ’20 Wins Cyclocross National Championship


Magnus Sheffield ’20 won the Junior Men’s 15-16 Cyclocross National Championship in Reno. 2018. (Photo: D. Mable/ Cyclocross Magazine)

Magnus Sheffield ‘20 is the Men’s 15-16 cyclocross national champion. He finished the race 27 seconds ahead of the field, giving him a gold medal and the title of National Champion at the race in Reno, Nevada on January 13. This accomplishment equals the same gold medal he had won two seasons before, but was unable to match last season because of what he described as “a devastating race for me.” Last year’s loss gave him drive to get out in front early in this year’s race and hold the lead all the way to the end. [Read more…]

U19 Ski Team Battles Difficult Conditions in Tough Field at Whiteface


Whiteface on race day. (Photo: NYSEF)

Over the Holiday break, the U19 men’s ski team, consisting of returning FIS athletes Mattieu Cote ‘18 and Wim Roney ‘18, and first-year athletes Hugh Dempsey ‘19, Jake Reynolds ‘19, Aiden Smith ‘19, and Andrew Van Slyke ‘20 spent four days racing from the December 19-22. The races were at Whiteface and hosted by NYSEF. It was a tough start to the season for the boys, battling conditions — wet one day and frozen ruts the next — that weren’t ideal for the back of the field. Competitors included a member of the US Ski Team and Division I ski racers from Dartmouth, UVM, UNH, Middlebury and St. Lawrence, as well as regional ski academy racers. [Read more…]

Robotics Team Helps Area High School Launch Team

One day, Northwood School would like to host an interscholastic robotic competition, and Northwood has been working closely with local officials (ORDA and ROOST) and leaders from FIRST robotics competition in an effort to makes this a reality.  But In order to do that the region needs at least three robotics teams. With Northwood and Potsdam High School, there are two.

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[Read more…]

Northwood Adopts Trimester Schedule

With the start of the 2017-18 academic year, a new academic calendar has been established at Northwood School to incorporate trimesters instead of semesters. The change was sparked by Dean of Academic Affairs Ms. Jill Walker, Director of College Counseling Mr. John Spear, and Dean of Students Mr. Gino Riffle, as a way to enhance academics and “give fresh energy into classes,” said Walker.


Source: BananaStock

The new schedule has changed the academic year by making three 10 week trimesters instead of two 14 week semesters. This idea puts extra pressure on teachers, making them have to change their planning for coursework and tests. Although this may be a challenge for teachers , Mrs Walker says, “it gives students the chance to try more electives.” This makes the course length shorter while giving a full credit per trimester instead of half credit per semester.

This schedule change coordinates well with school vacations. The first trimester ends right before Thanksgiving break, the second trimester ends at the start of February break, then the third trimester continues until end of school. It also lines up with the traditional sports calendar by separating fall, winter, and spring sports so they line up with the academic year.


The change marks the start of “a big curriculum review,” according to Ms. Walker, that “looks at what we teach, why we teach what we teach, and making sure we have an appropriate global perspective in our courses.”

Students Return to Campus Upgrades

Northwood School students returned to campus this fall to several improvements that are the start of bigger changes to come.

The major change is a bathroom renovation and upgrade on Second East residence hall. Mattieu Cote ’18, Residential Assistant and three year veteran of the hall was happy to see the changes. “They are great,” he said. “Every shower works now.”


The new showers on Second East residence hall.

The showers and sinks were renovated, and the rest of the bathroom will be updated in the future, according to Joey Burnah, Northwood’s facilities director.

Another upgrade is a new loading dock behind the kitchen, which features new wooden stairs, and a ramp to up the laundry room and down to the Dumptsters from the kitchen.

A small change that has been made to the inside of the building is not noticeable without close inspection: the Second West residence hall was repainted, following a fire in a student room that occurred at the end of the 2016-17 school year. Second West also received new LED lighting, which brightens the hall.

Another upgrade is the new carpeting and furniture that has been placed in the “freshman lounge,” the area just off the living room on the way to the West Dorm.

Assistant Head of School Mr. Tom Broderick said, “The updates have come out of the maintenance department [budget], which does not affect the capital budget.” Broderick went on to say that these upgrades are the beginning of a complete school makeover that will expand and modernize the entire main building.

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