Students Return to Campus Upgrades

Northwood School students returned to campus this fall to several improvements that are the start of bigger changes to come.

The major change is a bathroom renovation and upgrade on Second East residence hall. Mattieu Cote ’18, Residential Assistant and three year veteran of the hall was happy to see the changes. “They are great,” he said. “Every shower works now.”


The new showers on Second East residence hall.

The showers and sinks were renovated, and the rest of the bathroom will be updated in the future, according to Joey Burnah, Northwood’s facilities director.

Another upgrade is a new loading dock behind the kitchen, which features new wooden stairs, and a ramp to up the laundry room and down to the Dumptsters from the kitchen.

A small change that has been made to the inside of the building is not noticeable without close inspection: the Second West residence hall was repainted, following a fire in a student room that occurred at the end of the 2016-17 school year. Second West also received new LED lighting, which brightens the hall.

Another upgrade is the new carpeting and furniture that has been placed in the “freshman lounge,” the area just off the living room on the way to the West Dorm.

Assistant Head of School Mr. Tom Broderick said, “The updates have come out of the maintenance department [budget], which does not affect the capital budget.” Broderick went on to say that these upgrades are the beginning of a complete school makeover that will expand and modernize the entire main building.


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