Humans of Northwood: Iva -Amanda Nelson ’23

“You can just call me Amanda. I am from the Caribbean island of St Lucia. I came to Northwood to expand my academic opportunities and be more prepared for college in a way that the education system didn’t provide. I was introduced to Northwood by a community-based organization called Inspiring Young Minds, which helped me apply to prep schools.

“I would say some of my favorite memories of Northwood would be when I learned how to ice-skate on Cascade Lake in November 2019 and when I did LEAP and visited my home island (St Lucia) with a bunch of my friends this last school year.

“My favorite subject ever would be “The Voice of Toni Morrison.” because it allowed me to be fully engaged in the classroom. Additionally, it was a very interactive class that made me learn in abstract ways and forced me to learn different sophisticated views on different aspects of Black Americans.

“I do Crew and Dance as extracurriculars, but I would have to say that Dance is my favorite. I just really enjoy moving my body around. It is an expression of myself and allows me to physically show my thoughts. Another of my favorite hobbies would be talking to Mr. Runyon.”

As told to A.J. Etumnu ’25. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge.

Humans of Northwood: Mr. Simon Shergold

I am from the United Kingdom, and I originally grew up in South London. I moved to Lake Placid last August in 2021. My degree is in History. I’ve got a Bachelor of Arts honor in History with a slant to 20th century modern history. I teach U.S History and A.P History and I am also one of the soccer coaches. I moved to Lake Placid for more family reasons as my wife is from Lake Placid originally. We have been coming here for 20 odd years, and we have a young family so this is a good time to move and build a new life. My favorite activities would be hiking or skiing, although I am not a natural coming from London. My favorite food may well be pizza in Lake Placid, but I enjoy any Italian food and I miss curry a lot as well.

As told to AJ Etumnu ’25. Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge.

Humans of Northwood: Elm Pentinat Llurba ‘24 

I am from Reus, Catalonia, Spain. I came to Northwood because the previous two years my brother Ïu was at Northwood, and he told me very good things about Northwood. Yes, I am enjoying Northwood, the most enjoyable thing is travelling with the soccer team because we visit new places and bond in the bus together. My goal at Northwood would be to end up at a good D1 college.  

As told to AJ Etumnu ‘25 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge) 

New Students Adjusting to Northwood

Head of School Mr. Michael Maher addresses families on opening day of the 2022-23 school year (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

School is officially back on track with new and returning students, both international and domestic, settling down for this new year. The Mirror spoke with several brand-new students to learn they are adjusting to life at Northwood  

An interesting student we want to share with you is Diego Alfonso Rios ‘25 from Chile. “I think Northwood is really nice, I like the faculty and the campus. It’s not very easy for me because I’m not used to English, but I think at the end of the day it will be better for me in many ways and it’ll help my future,” Rios said. Diego’s interview shows  how  Northwood  provides  students with many opportunities culturally and academically to further yourself  

Another student who brings a unique view is sophomore Gracie Hurlbut. She is part of the girl’s hockey team and appreciates how quickly the team has bonded. “The school has started great. The girls have been very welcoming and I’m enjoying my time,” Hurlbut said. 

Staying with hockey, The Mirror also interviewed Parker Asbridge ‘24 who is on the Boys Prep hockey team. He described his start to Northwood as welcoming and said he’s enjoying meeting new people. He’s focused on hockey: “Good first weekend. The last two games against Mount were rough but looking to bounce back this week.” 

Northwood has begun and the staff of The Mirror hope that this year can be the best year in Northwood’s history. GO HUSKIES! 

Players and Coaches Optimistic About Soccer Season

Husky soccer players huddle before a match at the Jay Brady Kickoff Tournament in Vermont (Photo provided).

The Northwood soccer program is off to a great start, with 9 matches having been played through September 18. The U17 squad is undefeated so far and the U19s have won the Jay Brady kick-off tournament.

This is the first full year that the new on campus artificial turf field will be Northwood’s home pitch, allowing the Northwood family to support the soccer team year round.

Mr. Kelvin Martinez, the U17 head coach, is happy with his team’s start. “So far it has been really good,” Martinez said. “Guys are getting to know each other well, there is a good energy. Tactically, everyone is binding to the system and individually everyone is fighting hard to be on the starting line-up,” he said. “Our number one goal is to develop everyone so that all the players at the end of the year have improved and that they have developed a lot in the time they have been here. As a team, we want to play our best football, offensively and defensively, and for the team to fully execute the game plan for the full 90 minutes,” Martinez added.

Players are also optimistic for the year. “We have gotten off to a good start, and I believe that the U17 has a lot of potential to grow from here and that we’re going to do very well this season,” said U17 player Lohkoah Paye ‘24.

U19 veteran Noah Leddel ‘23 is hopeful about his squad. “The U19 team has had a good start, but there is still more we need to work on, but the season is looking incredibly positive,” Leddel said.

The soccer team is looking very promising this year and everyone is working extremely hard to keep this team successful and to grow on the success of last season.

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