Humans of Northwood: Iva -Amanda Nelson ’23

“You can just call me Amanda. I am from the Caribbean island of St Lucia. I came to Northwood to expand my academic opportunities and be more prepared for college in a way that the education system didn’t provide. I was introduced to Northwood by a community-based organization called Inspiring Young Minds, which helped me apply to prep schools.

“I would say some of my favorite memories of Northwood would be when I learned how to ice-skate on Cascade Lake in November 2019 and when I did LEAP and visited my home island (St Lucia) with a bunch of my friends this last school year.

“My favorite subject ever would be “The Voice of Toni Morrison.” because it allowed me to be fully engaged in the classroom. Additionally, it was a very interactive class that made me learn in abstract ways and forced me to learn different sophisticated views on different aspects of Black Americans.

“I do Crew and Dance as extracurriculars, but I would have to say that Dance is my favorite. I just really enjoy moving my body around. It is an expression of myself and allows me to physically show my thoughts. Another of my favorite hobbies would be talking to Mr. Runyon.”

As told to A.J. Etumnu ’25. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge.


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