Humans of Northwood: Castillo Twins Edition


I’m Angie. I was born in Brooklyn but raised in Manhattan. In my family, Addie and I are the youngest. In the fall I do cross country, I did the play and the musical during the winter and then in the spring I do lacrosse, but I really like to run. I came to Northwood because my brother went to a boarding school and it’s like a tradition in our family now. My mom wanted me to come here. I love the people in Northwood, it wouldn’t be the same without certain people here. Living with your best friends is the best — it’s just like a dream. After Northwood, I want to go to college, obviously, but for singing so I gotta pass the audition first.   I’m Addie. I’m from Manhattan in New York City. I’m 17 years old. I’m in 10th grade. I have quite a few siblings, I have two older brothers, an older sister and a twin. In the fall I ran cross country, then I’m part of the drama program during the winter but I also do vocals and in the spring I play lacrosse. I came to Northwood because it’s one of the smallest boarding school and it’s not too far away from home. I also thought the location was really cool. When I first came to Lake Placid to visit I liked the history of this town, especially the Olympic history. Classes are small compared to the classes in Manhattan, so it is better for me. Northwood has a real sense of community. That’s what I like about it, everyone is so supportive.

– As told to Margot Rouquette ’20

Humans of Northwood: Francisco Eduardo Castillo ‘19

FranPeople call me “Fran.” I am 19 years old from Dominican Republic. I have an older sister, but she’s lucky enough to be born here in the US, while I was born on a small island in the Caribbean, which I love. I am a soccer player here at Northwood, but I also like learning all the good things that Northwood offers. I came to Northwood because I wanted to follow my dream: playing soccer and studying at the same time and at a high level. My favorite part of Northwood is how everybody is welcoming and they all teach you new stuff. My plans after Northwood are hopefully attending a good college where I can play soccer and study until I decide which is better for me. Something that I am never going to forget about Northwood is probably when in the beginning of the school year, when the cold was starting, Shanks [senior Matthew Shanklin] offered me a warm jacket or when I go to Will’s room at night just to talk. I will never forget this because it made me feel part of the Northwood family right since the beginning.”

As told to Margot Rouquette ’20

What’s Next for Northwood’s Drama Program?


This year Northwood’s drama program offered two great performances.The musical “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” in November and Anon(ymous), which was a play.

There won’t be another show for the rest of the school year, but there will be auditions in May for the next musical, planned for next November at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts. The drama program is running the audition in May so students can learn their lines and songs over summer.

“A musical performance is a lot of work,” said drama program director Ms. Noel Carmichael. The program also held auditions last spring and it was a success this past fall. Carmichael is currently considering plays and musicals for next year’s productions. She chooses the theme of the show based on what’s going on in the world or important topics for the community. Next year, the program wants to offer additional theatre classes so there will be more opportunities for students to get involved in the program. Carmichael hopes to offer a class about costumes and set design, for example.

Ms. Carmichael is still looking for ideas for the coming show in November 2019, so if you have any ideas or want to participate in future performances, please send her an email:

Nine New Students Join Community in January

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Ice Climbing Tradition Continues at Northwood

Ice climbing is both exciting and dangerous. While ascending cliffs, icefalls, or frozen waterfalls, climbers often encounter falling rock and ice. Although ropes and other gear provide protection, a bad decision to step or grip on fragile spots on the climbing surface can be fatal, leading to serious injuries and even death. Despite these risks, however, many enjoy the challenge this physically intensive sport brings. [Read more…]

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