Nine New Students Join Community in January

Nine new students joined the Northwood School community when the school returned from the break in January. Here is some stuff they shared that you might not know about them:


“I’m 16 years old. I’m a junior. I’m from Miami, Florida. I’m really not that athletic, but I snowboard for fun. I came to Northwood to get away from Miami and to meet new people. I just wanted a fresh start. Although it’s a little rough getting used to living with so many girls since I grew up with only guys, I like Northwood a lot. After graduating from Northwood, I want to go to Florida State University and study either psychology or marine biology.”
– Emily Cairo ‘20


* * * * *



“I’m 17, turning 18 next September. I’m in grade 11, but I’m planning to repeat next year. For the past three years, I’ve lived in Hanoi, Vietnam as an American citizen. Before that, I lived in Washington state, and before that, I lived in northern California. I like couchsurfing, running away from my problems, and rec skiing. I am a certified Open Water and Advanced Open Water scuba diver, and I dive whenever I have the opportunity to. I also love rock climbing, but I haven’t had the chance to do that lately. I just wasn’t really happy at my old school, so I came to Northwood. At Northwood, I’ll also have the chance to do more outdoor stuff like skiing and rock climbing, which is a big plus. I’ve moved a lot in my life, so it’s not really hard for me to be in a boarding school. After Northwood, I kind of want to do engineering. I also want to go to Antarctica at some point in my life.”
– Quy “Q” NguyenLe ‘20


* * * * *



Kirk Nguyenle joins his sister Q. Technically an eighth grader, Kirk is a strong student and is taking ninth-grade classes. He will return as part of the ninth-grade class next September. He loves math, science, and engineering, and is excited about Northwood’s robotics program. He also has some experience in the performing arts and may want to join Northwood’s drama club.
– Kirk NguyenLe ‘23


* * * * *



“I’m 16. I’m a freshman. I repeated. I’m from North Hampton, New Hampshire. I came to Northwood for soccer. I really enjoy being part of the school so far. I like the schedule and how the classes aren’t too long. The constant snow is a bit hard to get used to, though. After going to public school from grades 1 to 8, I went to a boarding school as a ninth grader, so coming to Northwood hasn’t been too big of an adjustment. I really like the boarding life here. Later, I hope to play Division I soccer after my four years here.”
– Slater Loffredo ‘22


* * * * *



“I’m 14 years old. I’m a freshman. I’m from Buffalo, New York. I came to Northwood to play soccer, and I like it. I’m adjusting to being in a boarding school pretty quickly because I have a lot of friends. I hope to play soccer in college after Northwood.”
– Jonah Fogel ‘22


* * * * *



“I’m 13 years old. I’m in ninth grade. I ski jump. I came to Northwood because I love the people who go here and love Lake Placid. Northwood has been great so far. The community is so friendly and welcoming. I’m a day student, but I think the adjustment of being in a boarding school has been pretty easy and smooth. After Northwood, I plan to follow Phish around on tour.”
– Caroline Harrison ‘22


* * * * *



“I’m 17. I’m a tenth grader. I’m from Chile. I play soccer. Northwood is a good opportunity to play soccer and study. I like the school because the people here are very nice. I’m doing well at adjusting to a boarding school. I want to go to college after I graduate.”
– Marco Gutierrez ‘21


* * * * *



“I’m 18, and I’m a senior. I’m from Chile. I play soccer, and that’s why I came to Northwood. I love the school. The adjustment to a boarding school has been good. It’s great to not have any problems, so hopefully, it’ll stay like that. I wish to go to the best college I can find.”
– Diego Dutilh ‘19


* * * * *



“My name is Lando Egan. I’m sixteen years old. I currently live in Elmhurst, Massachusetts. I used to live in San Jose, California, and I love it there. My parents moved to Massachusetts because of jobs, and they like the cold. I like skiing, cross country (running), and climbing. I’ve liked to ski since I was young. I enjoy freestyle skiing because it helps me relieve my stress. I like Northwood because I can play lots of sports and the people here are chill.” (from The Mirror)
– Lando Egan ‘21



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