The Art of Music

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The Eastman School of Music Chamber Quintet

Have you ever had the feeling that your subconscious mind immediately resonate with something? It might be a video clip, an image, a place or even something simple like a rhyme. During the busy day of the blood-drive at Northwood school, a group of woodwind quintet comprised of Eastman students gave a performance of Chamber Music, a show of magnificent skill and more importantly, a display of art.

Within the seemingly short thirty minutes of enjoyment and relaxation, the musicians conveyed the magic of music through exquisite melody and with incredible lasting breaths. The lightness of the flute, the distinctiveness of the oboe, the unrestraint of the bassoon and the solemnity of the horn transcended every piece and section of the concert into different stories of flowing imaginations. The familiar tunes seemed to recall to mind many childhood fairy tales such as: Snow White and Beauty and the Beast.

After those euphoric pieces came to an end, the reactions of the crowd certainly showed the magical effect of the melodies. Students felt comfortable enough to ask questions and two of these questions warmed the auditorium with waves of laughter and applause.

“What is the instrument that is used in the starting song of Spongebob?”  

Moreover, Reno, the strict judge’s quintessential comment of “ It was sensational!” no doubt illustrates the concert’s uniqueness.

It is truly a pleasure to be able to resonate with any form of art, such as music. Pure music may seem to come in the form of simplicity but ironically, it seems to be the hardest thing to understand and to relate to. It was a privilege for Northwood School to have this fine quintet give a recital.

The Midget Hockey Season

MidgetAs the Northwood Invitational Tournament goes through its curtain call, the second semester follows the ceaseless steps of the winter. Every husky team experiences its own ups and downs during the three days of splendid shows. Particularly, struggling through the championship game, the Midget Team ended with a series of extraordinary games, and is facing the beginning of a new chapter.

Head coach Josh Leroy converses with his warriors during practice:

“You’re tired, but you want to win though!” The lesson taught, not by a commander but a passionate “father”, challenges the huskies physically, while building the momentum of the team.

Back and forth, stop and start, the whistle of Herb Brooks seems to be reappearing on the ice of 1980. One part of hockey is to push each other, to compete. Players look at each other with fatigue, however, words of  ‘let’s go’, ‘come on, push it,’ work the power of perseverance till the end. Their journey has reached its halfway, and the family has grown much stronger. The spirit of that ‘one last sprint’ and the attitude of competence are what the family have to face their upcoming curtain call.   

When Everyone Leaves for Break…

A vacant castle is like a palace without treasure, they have one thing in common, the hollowness. During the past few weeks, the thanksgiving atmosphere has transformed into the excitement of the impending annual event. However, let’s take a look back at the stories of those who stayed in school during the break, what interesting “adventures” and activities did they do?

The departures of the other hundreds of huskies certainly made the school seem empty and dormant. However, the remainders did not let the cold wind blow away the holiday spirit.

The almighty and beloved legend, Dingle-the-Jingle, led a journey to the beautiful town of Burlington. The perks of being with a “life-veteran” were discovering amazing discounts in unheard stores, consuming the various organic goods in the grocery stocks and hearing extraordinary stories that were not for sale.  


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On the ferry to Burlington

Walking down Church Street, glancing through the pavement that crowded with people leisurely wandering from store to store, the holiday atmosphere was truly felt by the huskies who were full-handed with shopping bags and hot chocolates.


On the ferry to Burlington

The next day, Mr.Spear led the adventure to the far southwest; the Huskies reached Lilac City, Rochester. Excited and curious, they visited the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Among the Huskies, seniors were able to see what American colleges are like; whereas the juniors and underclassmen enjoyed the hosts’ hospitality and the excellent meals.


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On the ferry to Burlington

The adventure in Rochester was educational for the huskies. Their energy along the trip was continuous and vigorous, except for the interminable bus drive that put everyone to sleep.

Back at the campus, the huskies’ adventure did not cease. Some of them tried bowling for the first time. They enjoyed swimming in town and skating in the Olympic rink alongside teachers.

When being asked what their favorite event was, Hao Lei says:

“My favorite event was the college visit at Rochester University. I actually learned about the school and thought more about whether I was going to apply for it or not.”

Aude-Marie says:

“My favorite part of the break was the Burlington trip with Dingle. I had fun and discovered so many places and I got to shop.”

When asked: Did you ever miss the regular academic days before break.

   Aude-Marie states:

“I didn’t really miss the academic days because it was quiet and relaxing.”

The holiday journey of the huskies was short. It went by like an arrow, but it certainly gave some time for students to rewind with their busy schedules and prepare for upcoming challenges. After all, there are only a few days before the Christmas Break.

Family Spirit on the Midget Team


The midget team in action recently. (Photo: Bruce Song ’16)

From the end of September to the beginning of December, the maple leaf has changed colors – a radiant yellow. The Northwood Midget boys hockey is no exception, they have changed to more than just a team in a positive and inspiring way.

After try-outs, teams formed. Some players were happy with the results, some were not. The stream of life sometimes does not flow in people’s desired direction.

“Don’t worry boys, there’s only room for improvement from now on”, one of the Midget Huskies once jokingly said during their first practice.

“Why me?” Players had all kinds of questions and doubts about their ability. So, the story began…

“Don’t worry boys, there’s only room for improvement from now on”, one of the Midget Huskies once jokingly said during their first practice. Every individual understood the task at hand. The only way to achieve it was through hard-work and perseverance.

The first step is the hardest. A setback certainly puts things into perspective – it made us work harder. This transitional stage soon became a comfortable routine.

Day by day, the Midget Team grew tenacious. They experienced victory and failure, shared stories and built bonds. The Midget Team’s motto soon evolved into the idea that no one should be told he or she can’t do something. Through practices and games, their efforts on and off the ice bonded them by a thick rope.

The team has become a united family. The hockey season is reaching its halfway mark. The Midget players have experienced both failure and victory. No matter where the path leads to, they are prepared for the impending challenges as the journey goes on.






The Transition From NSA to Northwood


NSA closed following the 2015 graduation. Photo: Lou Reuter via Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Just like birds migrate, so do people. Sometimes in the sudden shift, a seamless change can be difficult. Movement is a part of life. Today at Northwood School, there are a few teachers and students who were previously enrolled in National Sports Academy or NSA. Since the closing of NSA, these select few, teachers and students, migrated a mile down the road. According to some of the “migrators,” their transition has broadened their understanding of these two unique private schools in Lake Placid.

Founded in 1977, National Sports Academy was a small private high school that offered students opportunities to pursue their academic and athletic goals. In the spring of 2015, NSA was forced to cease its unique journey when the board faced severe financial issues. Once NSA’s financial issues became unbearable, they closed and the migration began. [Read more…]

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