The Midget Hockey Season

MidgetAs the Northwood Invitational Tournament goes through its curtain call, the second semester follows the ceaseless steps of the winter. Every husky team experiences its own ups and downs during the three days of splendid shows. Particularly, struggling through the championship game, the Midget Team ended with a series of extraordinary games, and is facing the beginning of a new chapter.

Head coach Josh Leroy converses with his warriors during practice:

“You’re tired, but you want to win though!” The lesson taught, not by a commander but a passionate “father”, challenges the huskies physically, while building the momentum of the team.

Back and forth, stop and start, the whistle of Herb Brooks seems to be reappearing on the ice of 1980. One part of hockey is to push each other, to compete. Players look at each other with fatigue, however, words of  ‘let’s go’, ‘come on, push it,’ work the power of perseverance till the end. Their journey has reached its halfway, and the family has grown much stronger. The spirit of that ‘one last sprint’ and the attitude of competence are what the family have to face their upcoming curtain call.   


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