The Art of Music

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The Eastman School of Music Chamber Quintet

Have you ever had the feeling that your subconscious mind immediately resonate with something? It might be a video clip, an image, a place or even something simple like a rhyme. During the busy day of the blood-drive at Northwood school, a group of woodwind quintet comprised of Eastman students gave a performance of Chamber Music, a show of magnificent skill and more importantly, a display of art.

Within the seemingly short thirty minutes of enjoyment and relaxation, the musicians conveyed the magic of music through exquisite melody and with incredible lasting breaths. The lightness of the flute, the distinctiveness of the oboe, the unrestraint of the bassoon and the solemnity of the horn transcended every piece and section of the concert into different stories of flowing imaginations. The familiar tunes seemed to recall to mind many childhood fairy tales such as: Snow White and Beauty and the Beast.

After those euphoric pieces came to an end, the reactions of the crowd certainly showed the magical effect of the melodies. Students felt comfortable enough to ask questions and two of these questions warmed the auditorium with waves of laughter and applause.

“What is the instrument that is used in the starting song of Spongebob?”  

Moreover, Reno, the strict judge’s quintessential comment of “ It was sensational!” no doubt illustrates the concert’s uniqueness.

It is truly a pleasure to be able to resonate with any form of art, such as music. Pure music may seem to come in the form of simplicity but ironically, it seems to be the hardest thing to understand and to relate to. It was a privilege for Northwood School to have this fine quintet give a recital.


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