Prep Team Tested at PHC Event

The Boys’ Prep Hockey team traveled to Rhode Island on November 11 to play in the first Prep Hockey Conference event of the year. They were set to face Shattuck St. Mary’s, Culver Academy, and Saint Andrews College, all elite teams who would be great competition for Northwood School. These games were also especially important since the team needed conference wins. The Huskies had a 0-2-2 record in the league and that needed to improve. Here is how the weekend played out.

The boys traveled to Rhode Island on Friday to get there in time to prepare for the Saturday morning game against Shattuck, a team that opponents must start quickly against. The game started with a dominant push by the Huskies. Shattuck could barely keep up with them. Shattuck’s slow start allowed the boys to score early. It wasn’t until late in the second period that the momentum started to swing away from the Huskies. A lucky shot from the corner trickled into the Huskies’ net with less than two minutes until intermission. As Coach Morris likes to say, “we do not give up goals late” and this is exactly why: it pumps life into the opposing team. The dominant first 2 periods were preceded by a weak third resulting in Shattuck scoring 3 goals to end the game 4-1. This was not the start that the boys wanted.

Due to some compressor failures at the Mount St. Charles Arena, the Sunday game against Culver was not only delayed but also switched to a completely different rink. This produced some confusion, but the team still made it with plenty of time to the new arena to play the game. The Culver game seemed to be a mirror image of the Shattuck game. Instead of allowing the team in late in the game, the Huskies had a slow start, letting Culver get an early lead. After the first intermission and for the next two periods, the Huskies dominated the Culver team as they had played against Shattuck. Sadly, this push by the team wasn’t enough to climb out of the hole they were in. The game ended in a heartbreaking 3-2 loss.

The last game of the weekend was on Monday against Saint Andrews College, a team that the Huskies dominated in all but one contest last year. The boys were fired up from the previous 2 losses and came out strong. The team held it together for two great periods, putting in a goal to give themselves a lead. SAC responded with two goals and the Huskies needed to act fast in the third period, so the game didn’t get away from them like the others. A spectacular goal by Cole Bauman ‘23 late in the third period allowed the team to even the score at 2-2. Not long after Cole tied the game, a miscommunication on a line change caused a too many men penalty to be called against the Huskies before heading into overtime. Being down a man going into overtime allowed SAC to put in the deciding goal. Although this was the most complete game the Huskies played, it wasn’t enough to tally a win on the weekend.

The team faced a true test at the event, and we can imagine that there are changes that need to be made so that the team can build the identity they desire. The team will face teams of this caliber for the rest of the season, and they need to find a way to overcome this slump. The boys will be heading to Stanstead College this weekend to play in a showcase, and the team must show its true might despite the previous weekend’s results.

We wish the team continued luck and give them continued support so that they can have the success they are looking for. Have a great Thanksgiving break and as always Go Huskies!

Alumni Serving in the Military Featured in Recent Pathways Program

The Pathways Alumni Career Series, which connects Northwood students interested in a particular career to graduates who have had success in that career, began in the 2020-21 school year and each session is organized by moderated by Luke Daniels ’14. Not only does this program help students interested in certain fields to have models, but it also shows that the alumni were in the student’s shoes at one point in their lives.

Lt. Col. David Fink ’97 (Photo provided)

Capt. Jake Garrison ’08 (Photo provided)

Capt. Jess Brennan ’13 (photo provided)

This most recent Pathways, held earlier this month, was about careers in the military, and it accumulated great interest from the students, in part due to the attendance of the Psychology of Performance class. Here is what it was all about.

The four alumni that were at the center of the session were Lt. Col. David Fink ‘97, Lt. Col. John Beatty ‘96, Capt. Jess Brennan ‘13, and Capt. Jake Garrison ‘08. The four alumni shared their experiences throughout the years and how they got into their positions. A few of them took ROTC-style routes through college. For students who may want to explore ROTC options in college, we asked how the alumni recommend doing this. In response to this question, Capt. Brennan of the Marine Corps said, “Get in touch with your local recruiter, and they can sit you down for an NROTC scholarship interview and fitness test.” She also shared that she would send Brody the information about our local recruiter. Capt. Brennan also said, “What they are looking for is a well-rounded student with an excess of co-curricular activities, leadership roles, and a high level of physical fitness.” She shared how much the program did for her and that it could be extremely beneficial for certain students.


As all the participants in the online program were either students or alumni. A great question was “How did Northwood help you in your journey?” Lt. Col. David Fink, a rescue helicopter pilot who had tours in wartime, responded first. He said, “Without Northwood, I would have never made it through college. What Northwood taught me was how to teach myself.” This is a great testament to the impact that our school can have on a life. Capt. Brennan also chimed in by saying “I came into myself at Northwood, I figured out how to be a leader, I figured out how to just be myself, because of such a great environment, and that ultimately teed me up for college, and to be a successful leader in the military.” Capt. Jake Garrison was also another great example of the kind of people Northwood produces. He also took the ROTC route and ultimately ended up going through Special Operations training in the Army. Another inspiring journey that started with the Northwood experience.

I wish I could include everything the alumni said, but I will share this link for anyone who wants to watch the session. These four alumni represent Northwood School in the best way: in serving our country and as Lt. Col. Beatty put it, “working to build a pretty darn good world.” So, Northwood students looking for role models, here is another handful that you can look up to. These four went through the same things we did and have continued to build great careers and make the world a better place. We thank them for their continued service to this amazing country. We hope you tune in for the next pathways to see what other amazing things alumni do with their lives.

Huskies Struggle in Prep Hockey Conference Play

The Prep Hockey Conference is an elite league consisting of 6 of the top prep schools in North America. Northwood, South Kent, Shattuck St. Mary’s, Mount Saint Charles, Saint Andrews College, and Culver Academy make up this league. Northwood had quite a record last season, but as we head into the second year of the Conference’s life, let’s see how things are standing.

Northwood has had a rough start to their league play this season. Playing a top-ranked Mount St. Charles two weeks into the season, the chemistry wasn’t built enough for us to overtake them, resulting in a saddening 0-2 league record. Though the games against Mount didn’t go as we hoped, it was still early on, so the team had time to find its game.

Just last weekend, the Huskies had two more games at home against South Kent, a team that the Huskies were able to beat at the South Kent Fall Classic. Two games that went right down to the wire resulted in 3-2 shootout losses.

As of now, this puts the Prep team 0-4 in the PHC, not the desired record, but as Coach Morris says, “you are either winning or learning.” Encouraging words for the team to not dwell on the losses, but rather look for things that will help the team grow.

Only the PHC East have played league games throughout the rest of the league. The East consists of South Kent, Northwood, and Mount Saint Charles. Both South Kent and Mount have 2-0 records, all games played against Northwood. As for the PHC West, we have yet to see how they will do, but we can expect Shattuck to be strong as they usually are. Coming up in a couple of weeks, hosted at Mount will be a league crossover. All the teams in the PHC East will play all the teams in the PHC West. This will be an important test for Northwood because they need to prove that they are a top team in the Conference. As league wins are important throughout the year, the games that really matter are the playoffs that end the season. Every team from the PHC makes the playoffs and has the opportunity of being league champions. The playoffs are still a long way off, so Northwood has plenty of time to build up to their prime, constantly learning from the games they play.

As I have covered, Northwood hasn’t had the league start they would’ve wished, but the critical aspect is that they continue to grow to their full potential. As they go this weekend to play in the Beantown Classic, the team will have more opportunities to show their might. Win or lose, the most important thing is to build the Northwood identity of being a hard team to play against.

Northwood wishes the boys luck on their journey to reaching their potential and this weekend in Boston. As always, Go Huskies!

Humans of Northwood: Thebe Mosehathebe ‘23

“I am a four-year senior from South Africa, and I came to Northwood mostly due to opportunity. I thought America and Northwood as a whole would give me a better opportunity to be successful in the future and accomplish the goals I have set out to achieve.

“Northwood has helped me grow and mature a lot as a person. From the teachers and the maintenance staff to the students and faculty kids, I feel as if I have learned a lot from the connections I have made here.

“The Advanced Humanities Research class I am taking is sort of what I am looking at which is something along the lines of business. Specifically, thinking about international business and possibly anthropology. Soccer-wise, I hope to go to the best school suited for my playing style, hopefully at the highest level possible.”

As told to Aidan Lasky ‘23. Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge.

Prep Hockey Team on a Roll

Hockey action at the Olympic Center in October 2022 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

It is safe to say that the Prep Team has had a strong start to the season. Despite a few losses, the team has been able to pull together a great record so far and looks to continue it in the coming weeks. Coming off the last two weeks with five wins, the boys have been able to go a stunning nine games straight without a loss. This is an impressive streak, and the team is still not satisfied. Let’s look back at the last two weekends that helped create the streak, the first at home and the second back in Salem, NH.

During Family Weekend, the Huskies had two games to complete against Stanstead College. The team was anxious to go on the short break, but they couldn’t do it without putting in the work against Stanstead. The team went into the Thursday game confidently after their showcase wins at South Kent. The squad got some quick, early goals and, although Stanstead was able to bury a goal, there was not much pushback in the 6-1 Husky win.

The Friday game was not much different, but Stanstead certainly came back with more push because they were able to make it close until the boys pulled together 4 goals. Taking another win, 4-1. Two good wins before going on a well-deserved Family Weekend break.

After the short break, the boys prepared for yet another trip to Salem, New Hampshire. While there, they played two familiar opponents, NEPFL and Top Gun. These games didn’t provide much competition for the Huskies and James Schneid ‘23, a key contributor to the team, was able to get a hat trick against Top Gun. That’s an impressive showing for Schneid and the rest of the team in the 4-0 win.

The most anticipated game for the weekend was against the top 10-ranked Central Mass. This team had a lot of skill, and they provided the most pushback that the team has gone against in recent games. It was a battle for the Huskies because it was their second game within 2-hours, no doubt giving the team a bit of adversity to fight through. Although it was close, the boys were able to pull out a well-deserved 2-1 win.

Before heading back to school, the team was able to pull out a 6-1 win against NEPFL, extending the win streak to 9 straight.

Despite these wins Coach Morris always tells the team to “respect all opponents, even the ones that don’t give as much pushback.” By saying this he is instilling the “Northwood identity” he wants the team to have. Morris wants the team to be known as one that is hard to play against and never gives up. The team hopes to continue to build this identity going into a PHC league weekend against a skilled South Kent team.

We wish the Boys luck in continuing to build to their potential and in continuing their win streak. Go Huskies!

Win at South Kent Gives Prep Team Momentum

The Prep Team celebrates the win at the 2022 South Kent Classic (Photo: Northwood Athletics).

The Boys Prep Hockey Team had an outstanding weekend at the South Kent Fall Classic that the team sees as a milestone and another step towards proving this year’s team identity. Until this weekend the boys hadn’t made a statement against any top team, but the games at South Kent showed that this year’s Prep Team has great potential and that they are a team that opponents should respect. Here are the results of the weekend.

The boys started the weekend with a Friday game versus the New Jersey Rockets, a team that had some skill but ultimately could not hang with the Huskies. The Huskies came out with a strong start but not without a push by the Rockets. The Rockets were able to put in 2 goals, but the boys were able to net 4, a great start to the weekend since recently the team hasn’t been able to produce as much.

The Saturday game against a 13-0 South Kent was the defining moment of the weekend. This game was especially important because South Kent is a member of the Prep Hockey Conference, the elite league that Northwood is a part of. The game started and in the first shift Nikita Meshcheryakov ‘23, a big point producer for the Huskies, scored to give the Huskies an important early lead. Coach Morris talks about how momentum is key in winning a game, because if it isn’t used then it can lose you the game. The boys were luckily able to ride the momentum and you could feel in the air of the rink that this was going to be a good game for the Huskies. The team was able to score 2 more goals, adding more and more momentum. This was not without a push by South Kent, who was able to tally a goal. The game ended with the Huskies winning 3-1, handing South Kent its first loss of the season.

The win over South Kent gave the team confidence going into the Sunday game against NAX, a team that was more physical than the previous games. NAX came out cocky and scored, putting them up 1-0. This act of trying to stay in the game was quickly shut down by an aggressive Husky team. The boys were 2-0 on the weekend and they were not going to let this team into the game. The team scored goal after goal until they reached a 4-1 lead, which resulted in the NAX team being more physical because they were being dominated. The boys resisted these acts of aggression and came out with the win. Not only was the team able to lift the banner, but they were also able to start their journey to becoming the team that they should be.

After the game, Coach Morris said, “We will not go back from this,” making sure the team had the mindset of never being content with where we are. Morris believed the team pulled together and rode the momentum. “You could feel it on the bench, the energy of everyone playing for each other,” Morris said.

This was an important weekend for the boys, and Northwood wishes them more luck throughout the season, and that they continue to ride the momentum of this outstanding victory. Go Huskies!

Catching Up with Jan Korec ‘22

Jan Korec ’22 in action for Northwood (photo provided).

For those of you who did not get the pleasure of meeting Jan, he was a student and member of Northwood’s Prep hockey team last year. He has since moved to Iowa to play for the Des Moines Buccaneers in the USHL, the top junior league in the U.S. Those who knew him can attest that he had a big impact on Northwood, and it is only right that we see how he is doing now.

Jan is now living with a billet family where his life revolves around playing for the Buccaneers. Jan said, “We are on the ice for 2 or more hours every day paired with intense workouts.” Although hockey plays a big role in Jan’s life, he was also known for taking his academics extremely seriously, so it comes as no surprise that Jan is continuing his education by learning about the fundamentals of coding and computer science. There is no doubt that Jan will be prepared for college when the time comes.

I asked Jan if he felt Northwood prepared him for this next step academically and athletically. He was quick to share that he felt it did. “Northwood has been a very important stepping stone for me to be able to move on and play at this level.” He also felt that the “academic environment helped me get used to college-level courses.” Compliments to both the hockey program and the academics here at Northwood.

Jan Korec ’22 (photo: Des Moines Buccaneers)

Having had the pleasure of playing and being classmates with Jan, I can say he pursued excellence in both areas of life, never letting himself fall behind in either. A true embodiment of the Northwood core values. Jan’s goal this year is to develop in Des Moines and ultimately be ready for Boston College next fall. A goal that will take both his academic and athletic ability to achieve.

Jan was a great role model during his time at Northwood and it is easy to see why. Students now should look at Jan and aspire to follow in his shoes. You don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate the commitment Jan continues to have for his goals. Always taking the extra step to get ahead whether that be stretching in his room or visiting with teachers to make sure he is doing everything he can to get the results he wants. These habits will help Jan excel in his life beyond Northwood.

It will no doubt be exciting to see how Jan continues his journey, in Des Moines and eventually Boston College. I wish him luck with his goals and although I only broke the seal on Jan Korec, I hope you enjoyed Catching Up with Jan Korec.

Prep Team Continues to Work Out the Kinks

The Prep team takes the ice during a recent game at the Olympic Center (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

The Prep team went into the third weekend of the season hungry to redeem the losses from the previous weekend against Mount St. Charles. The team travelled to Salem, New Hampshire to play Fall Prep U18, Ridley College, and Top Gun U18. This is how week three played out.

Coming off the weekend against Mount, it was evident that work needed to be done in order to meet the team’s potential. Throughout the tough week of practice, the boys were anxious to get back on the road to put another week’s training to the test. The first game on Saturday against Fall Prep U18 posed as a good opener of the weekend. The team played a good game with a few hiccups to tally a 5-2 victory, with a three-point performance by Ritter Coombs ‘25.

The next game, Saturday afternoon against Ridley, was not as dominant. With the boys struggling to send one home, Ridley scored with a heartbreaking 41 seconds left in the final period of the game. A 0-1 loss for the Huskies. “We do not get scored on late in the period,” is a statement that Coach Morris preaches to the team.

With the weekend ending, the team had one more game on Sunday against Top Gun U18. It was necessary for the team to end with a win, because according to his players, Coach Morris demanded a better performance from the team. The Huskies went back and forth with Top Gun until they were able to pull away, resulting in a 4-2 win. This was much needed after the game against Ridley.

Billy Batten ‘23, a second-year senior, said the weekend was “a step in the right direction” for the team. The Prep team must take the weekend and learn from it in order to prepare for what comes throughout the season.

Next weekend, the team will head to Connecticut for the South Kent Fall classic, where they will face another Prep Hockey Conference opponent, South Kent School.

Northwood wishes the boys luck at South Kent; it will be exciting to watch the team as they continue to build throughout the season.

Fabric of Boys’ Prep Hockey Team Begins to Show

The 2022-23 Prep hockey team during September action at the Olympic Center (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

As tryouts came to an end and the boy’s hockey teams began their seasons, the Prep Team had their first tests against CP Dynamo and Mount St. Charles. With only 5 returners and the rest of the roster consisting of new players, it was safe to say that the team needed to get some experience playing with each other so the chemistry could develop. Here is how the first games played out.  

The games versus Dynamo stood as a good opener for the team, by allowing the boys to get moving and see how they could mesh. Northwood had a promising, dominant start to the season against the Dynamo with two wins, one tallying in at 6-0 and another 7-1. A handful of new Huskies like Ritter Coombs ‘25 and Owen Flynn ‘24 tallied their first goals for the team, building confidence in the mostly new team. Beyond the sensational victories, however, it was more important that they are prepared for the next weekend’s games versus a daunting Mount St. Charles—a member of the Prep Hockey Conference and last year’s U18 National Champions.   

Looking back on the games, CP Dynamo was just a warmup for the real challenge against Mount St. Charles. These games would show what the team really needed to work on and how they would stack up against elite competition. Going into the weekend confident from the performance of the previous weekend, the team would quickly realize that Mount was much different than CP Dynamo.  

The first game on Saturday was a huge wake up call for what the team had to dial in on. With a stunning 4-1 loss, the coaches knew there was more effort to give and preparation that needed to be done for the next game. As Coach Morris said, “I am a bad loser and I want you guys to hate it like I do.” It was clear that the team needed to bounce back and buy into what needed to be done.  

Daniel Buchbinder ’23 during action at the Olympic Center in September 2022 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

Against a cocky Mount St. Charles team that was ready to play the second game, the Huskies looked light-years better than the night before. The team played stronger defense and was able to fend off the Saints until late in the third period. Ultimately, the game ended 1-0 in favor of Mount St. Charles. Despite the result, the performance was far superior compared to the night before.  

Some of the players recalled what Coach Morris declared in the locker room: “The fabric of the team was starting to show.” This was a much more prospective statement, one that gave the team confidence in knowing that they were heading in the right direction. 

The perspective of how the team veterans view the first games of the season is no less important. Senior Daniel Buchbinder, a three-year veteran of the team, said, “It was a great first test for our team and for our new players to get their first league games under their belt. I am looking forward to the rest of the season.”  

It will be exciting to see how the team grows from these games and progresses throughout the season. 

Catching Up with Carson Hall ‘22 

Here at Northwood School, a lot of students wonder about the lives of alumni who have moved on into the life of college. This week, I wanted to share about the life of a student that was at Northwood for 4 years and has since moved onto Hamilton University. His name is Carson Hall.  

Carson has continued to excel in the classroom and on the ice playing for Hamilton’s Division 3 Team. As I spoke with Carson, I was interested in hearing the specifics of life at Hamilton. Carson elaborated with me about how he was able to adjust from a small campus like Northwood to Hamilton. Carson stressed the importance of finding something that keeps you on track, something to structure your life around. “School, hockey, and family” was the center of what he used to excel. He said the key to his success so far was “creating a routine that compartmentalized [his] priorities.”  

As all of us complain about the study hall hours that we are subjected to every night, Carson was happy to say how much he felt it positively impacted his transition to the bigger workload of Hamilton. “Northwood sets you up for success… the regimented lifestyle has allowed me to hit the ground running in college.” For all the students not happy about being in study hall, it is great to hear about its benefit from someone that has lived through it. Nothing is better than seeing the work done at Northwood come to fruition like it has with Carson, both academically and athletically.  

Speaking of athletics, I really wanted to hear how hockey has been for Carson, given he had such an impact on the Northwood team. When asked about hockey, Carson was quick to give credit to the Northwood hockey team for helping prepare him for college hockey. “I would not have the opportunity to play college hockey if it wasn’t for Northwood’s program and incredible coaching staff.” That’s a huge compliment to Northwood and a huge encouragement for hockey players coming through the school. I loved hearing the enthusiasm Carson had for the year ahead and the building of his new “family,” as he put it.  

Carson was at Northwood for 4 years, a feat that not many of us can say we have done. He has put countless hours of work into not only academics, but also into the pursuit of his athletic dreams. For those who haven’t had the honor of meeting him in person, he is someone that is a model of Northwood’s values and someone that we can all look up to. Nothing makes the Northwood community happier than seeing a person like Carson transition smoothly into his life beyond Northwood.  

When speaking with Carson a few phrases resonated with me. He said “It is important to have fun. However, it is equally if not more important to stay focused on your goals and aspirations. To work at them every day. To choose success instead of waiting for it to come around.” I hope that inspires the Northwood community like it did me, because that is something that all of us should take to heart and live by. I hope to continue to explore the lives of recent graduates and I hope you all enjoyed Catching up with Carson Hall.  

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