Humans of Northwood: Thebe Mosehathebe ‘23

“I am a four-year senior from South Africa, and I came to Northwood mostly due to opportunity. I thought America and Northwood as a whole would give me a better opportunity to be successful in the future and accomplish the goals I have set out to achieve.

“Northwood has helped me grow and mature a lot as a person. From the teachers and the maintenance staff to the students and faculty kids, I feel as if I have learned a lot from the connections I have made here.

“The Advanced Humanities Research class I am taking is sort of what I am looking at which is something along the lines of business. Specifically, thinking about international business and possibly anthropology. Soccer-wise, I hope to go to the best school suited for my playing style, hopefully at the highest level possible.”

As told to Aidan Lasky ‘23. Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge.


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