Artificial Turf Field Nearing Completion

A new artificial turf facility is currently being constructed at Northwood School is expected to have a transformative effect on the school’s soccer program, but construction delays have stalled the field’s opening. Initially, the soccer team hoped to do most of their fall training and have their fall games on the new field. Now they hope to get in one game before the field is covered with snow.  

Bette & Cring Construction Group from Albany is the general contractor on the project and began construction this past summer with the hopes of having it finished by early September. However, upon renovating the site they discovered traces of asbestos in the old tennis courts. Abatement of the small amounts of hazardous asbestos set the project back several weeks as a separate company had to come in and remove the asbestos from the site.  

Artist renderings of the completed turf field. Note: these drawings include the former tennis courts and basketball court, which have since been removed.

The construction site has been busy the last couple of weeks. (Photo: Colter Cheney-Seymour ’22) 

According to Associate Head of School Mr. Tom Broderick, who updated the school community on the project at a recent school meeting, construction is expected to be finished in late October.  

The field will primarily be used by the Northwood U17 and U19 soccer teams that are associated with Black Rock FC. Since the start of the year-round soccer program at Northwood, the team has been training on campus and at a variety of grass fields off campus.  

This new facility is seen as a major upgrade by Program director and U19 head coach Jon Moody. “The addition of the new turf field at Northwood School is an exciting next step for the development of the soccer program,” Moodey stated. “This will provide the team with a high-quality surface for regular training while also enabling us the team to extend the fall season and start the spring season earlier,” Moodey added.  

Weather plays a large role in soccer training in the Adirondacks. And the turf field, which can be cleared of early- and late-season snow, will allow the squad to maximize the team’s training opportunities.  

The field is also expected to benefit the surrounding community. “This new field can become a great resource for the surrounding communities in the Adirondacks,” said Moodey, making it evident how the turf may be used for local activities or sports in the future.  


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