Humans of Northwood: Mr. Benjamin LeBlanc 

Mr. LeBlanc is the new physics and precalculus teacher. 

Mr. Ben LeBlanc (Photo provided)

“I love physics because I had an interactive physics teacher who embraced his uniqueness and explained the concepts thoroughly and inspired me. Physics and math have always been a strong suit and I have found a great interest in them for their structure despite not having the ability to find a solution but rather a different view of your surroundings. Another inspiration of mine was my older brother, who balanced athletics and academics and was a guide in helping me get my PhD and becoming a teacher.  

“At Northwood, I’ve appreciated having more interconnections as a teacher rather than in the engineering field. It’s amazing the interaction you have with students throughout their entire schooling life, not just in their classes, but at lunch, at study hall or in their living areas, you see a different side of them throughout the scope of their day.  

“A talent of mine is that I’m very good at not getting fatigued during hiking, biking or running. A fun fact is that the longest distance I’ve ever ran was 44 miles. I have an interest in the physics of running, I’ve specifically focused on determining if I could find or quantify fatigue in running without actually measuring parameters. I conducted a study that can estimate fatigue in somebody doing a tiring sport, which minimizes injury while performing at the highest level.  

“My goal is to have kids of my own and continue teaching science as well as to encouraging kids to pursue physics and to help set children up for life in areas of study such as engineering. I would like to lay the fundamentals down for students and make them passionate about it.  

“A more personal goal of mine is the’ Fastest Known Times’ which is a speed record on any given route. I like the freedom of it, the ability to hike in new places and meet new people. My ideal weekend day is going on an early morning run or hike and relaxing the rest of the day with movies or playing games and then ending with a campfire. At school, I really enjoy eating tacos and fajitas, they are hands down some of my favorite foods. I love eating pizza and ice cream, especially on weekends.”

As told to Christie-Ann Nelson ’23


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