Humans of Northwood: Max Oechsner ‘21  

I would consider myself a pretty creative individual, and I have a lot of interests outside of sportNorthwood has helped me foster and explore those extracurricular facets of my life, including art and music. I am a senior and have been at Northwood for two years, but I wished I came earlierNorthwood is my home; it is so easy to build this incredible sense of community here and create so many deep connections with people and it just happens so fast here. It was amazing. I am definitely going to miss the people more than anything because it is hard to foster this sense of community everywhere else. I am going to continue my academic career at University of Vermont (UVM), which I think will be a nice transition because I can find the same type of people at UVM than here, which means a lot of people that are hard-working and committed, love enjoying nature and love to get involved in all sorts of activities outside of their classes. My time here at Northwood has shaped me into the man I am today, and I can only think of it as changing me for the better.”  

As told to MJ Prince ‘22 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)


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