Seniors Have a Night Dedicated to Fun and their Class

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With athletic teams heading in different directions between now and spring break and Northwood Seniors coming close to their graduation, Friday, February 26 was a night dedicated to fun and the class of 2021. From 8 -10 pm seniors were invited to the indoor turf field where there was food, drinks, and several fun activities set up. Some of the games included Spike Ball, Twister, Football, Can Jam, JengaCorn Hole, and Badminton.  

The night was dedicated to giving seniors the opportunity to spend time with other seniors outside their cohort and get to know new people who they would be graduating with. The pandemic has made this school year unlike any other, and Senior Class Dean Mr. Jeff Nemec, along with several Northwood seniors, decided a night for seniors in the turf would be a good way to have some fun as a class 

We had the one virtual gathering of the class of 2021 at the start of school. With fall and protocol and all the different directions plus the importance of using senior time for the college process, we never carved out a time to properly get together,” said Nemec“Led by the longer tenured seniors, Friday’s gathering was a quick effort to offer a basic senior shoutout with folks soon to be going in different directions.” 

Mr. Nemec shared some appreciation for others involved in the effort. “Thank you in particular to Ms. Christine Ashe for all of her help,” he said. 


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