Local Establishments Open for Northwood Students 

This weekend the school was able to get the coffee shop Origin, to open exclusively for Northwood students, to provide them with an opportunity to leave campus, go into town, and grab coffee and pastries. This was a safe for students because the shop was closed to the public and safe for shop employees because of Northwood’s rigorous COVID testing and other protocolsThis was the first time students were able to go into town since they came back from winter break and it gave them a chance to get out and about.   

Students at Origin Coffee shop in Lake Placid (Photo: Facebook)

Senior Marina Alvarez said, “I really enjoyed being able to get off campus and get coffee with my friends. The coffee was really good, and I had a great time. I’m grateful that the school is creating off campus actives for us.”  

The school has also partnered with local restaurants to open for us to be able to go and enjoy a nice dinner with our friends.  


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