Fitness, A way To Escape A Pandemic 

Typically, January is an important time for Northwood student athletes. The hockey, soccer, and skiing teams usually are hitting their stride in January as it marks the start of second half of the school year. This year is very different, as COVID restrictions make it much harder to compete in athletic contests.  

Ben Norton ’21 (Photo provided)

Northwood students left campus for an extended break in November and dispersed throughout the country and the globe. With gyms closed in many places and it being winter, it is much harder for people to stay in shape. Since this pandemic started, many people have had to reinvent their lives, including how they stay in shape. Many people have found creative ways to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. 

Northwood students are no different to this form of reinvention as they are finding their own ways to stay in peak shape. Hockey is one sport that has been hit especially hard by Covid. Northwood hockey players are still doing whatever they can to stay in shape as if it were a normal season. Ben Norton ‘22 is a hockey player from England, where it is particularly difficult to stay in shape. England is now in lockdown but prior to that he said, “I was on the ice like 6 times a week and I’ve also been working out several times a week.. He has since been relegated to just working out at home, but he is still determined to stay in top shape. 

Mackenzie Hull ’20 in action at the Olympic Center (Photo : Mr. Michael Aldridge)

Not all Northwood students had to travel a long-distance home in November. Two  students who live in New York are Daniel Buchbinder ‘22, and Mackenzie Hull ’21. Both have had a similar experience staying in shape during the break. Buchbinder  said, “To stay in shape over break I have been skating 2-3 times a week and also working out 3 times a week.. Hull has got used to working out at home, as she has a variety of workout equipment at home. When asked about her weekly routine she said,   “I tried to get on the ice a couple times a week when I could as well as working out every day and doing some stick-handling and shooting. 

Daniel Buchbinder ’22 (Photo provided)

Last time Northwood students were asked about how they stayed in shape over break it was much harder for students to stay fit. Everybody was essentially trapped in their homes with little access to the outside world. Now most people can leave their house to find ways to stay active. There are still many restrictions in place, but it is far easier to stay active than it was last April. If this pandemic has taught one thing it’s that creativity is a key to success. Northwood students have taken this to heart as many have used their resources around them to help stay fit. Even if they can’t make it to a gym, park, rink, or wherever they do their normal fitness routine they have adapted and found new ways to stay in shape that will benefit them in the future. 


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