Humans of Northwood: Kate Broderick ’22


Kate Broderick ’22 (Photo provided)

My name is Kate Broderick. I’m a freshman and I ski race. During July and August, I spent three weeks in Zermatt, Switzerland training on the mountain behind the Matterhorn, which was a really cool experience. During the fall, I spent two weeks in Milders, Austria, which was also really cool and we trained on sheer ice. I like the freedom of Northwood and how laid back it is compared to public schools and especially the ones I’ve been to in the past. I don’t really have a favorite teacher, I’ve never really been able to say who my favorite teacher is in any school. My favorite thing to do at Northwood is probably to hang out with friends and watch hockey games because sometimes I wish I played. The hardest part about adjusting to Northwood was leaving my friends at my old school. At first, it was hard to be in school without my old friends but I’ve made new ones.

As told to Morgan Broderick ’19


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