Five Soccer Players Represent National Teams

Elite soccer is new to Northwood, and there are many ways to measure its success. Two players, Iñaki Rodriguez ‘19 and Christos Athanasiadis, were named to the national high school All-American Team. The Huskies are also ranked second in the nation with an undefeated fall season.

Another accomplishment to celebrate is that two student-athletes were chosen to represent their national teams back at home. Representing your country in any sport is a rare achievement. Having the opportunity to be selected out of hundreds of athletes within your country is a great achievement and honor for young athletes.

Lucas Farias Villasenor ‘20,  of Guatemala, and Cory Booth ‘19, of Bermuda, spoke about their experiences representing their national teams and what it is like to wear their country’s colors on the soccer pitch.


“For me, It’s an honor to represent my country by playing soccer because soccer is the thing I love the most. Since Guatemala isn’t known for having such good  success in their history of soccer, it is very motivating for me to have the chance, along with my teammates, to start making history and to do something great for the first team for the country of Guatemala.”
– Lucas Farias ‘20,  of Guatemala


Cory Booth ’19 with the Bermuda Junior National Team.

“It’s a pleasure to be able to represent my country. There are a lot of people back home who depend on me because they like to talk about how well Bermuda is doing, so there is a lot of pressure to play for the team. Where I’m from is a small community so everyone hears about what’s going on and how you played, so there really is a lot of pressure to perform at that level. You’re going against other people and it means the same to them so there really is no space for tight friendships because you just want to give your all. Our goal is to not let our country or each other down and to win every game.”

– Cory Booth ’19 of Bermuda

Other National Team members on Northwood’s soccer team include:

  • Tonio Chan ’20 of Hong Kong
  • Marc Warfe ’21 of Trinidad & Tobago
  • Marco Wong ’20 of Hong Kong


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