Ski Racers Train at Copper Mountain [Photo Album]

After Thanksgiving, members of Northwood’s alpine ski team traveled to Copper Mountain in Colorado for a training camp. The camp is the second of the season for many ski racers, following an October camp in Austria. Coaches Mr. Terry DelliQuadri, Ms. Katie Haggerty and Mr. Thomas Vonn, as well as additional NYSEF coaches, are with the racers. Ms. Carrie Wardlaw traveled with the team to coordinate academic work and supervise study halls.

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“The conditions are great, almost the complete opposite of our Austria camp a few weeks back. I’m happy to get some good training in before the season comes into full swing, and now that school has started back up, it’s easier to get the work done that we need to,” said Chelsea Smith ‘19.

Many members of the team stayed behind and are at Northwood training at Whiteface Mountain. Those students have been enjoying an especially snowy start to the Adirondack ski season. “I haven’t gone to the Colorado camp in either of the years I’ve been here. We just got a couple feet of snow here in the past few weeks, so it’s not like we’re not getting training in here at Whiteface. It’s probably not the same quality of training but it’s better than nothing,” said Andrew Van Slyke ‘20.

The Colorado training camp ends this weekend, and student-athletes will return to Lake Placid on Sunday and attend classes on Monday. Race season in the East begins shortly thereafter.


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