Basketball Returns to Northwood

Northwood School is known for many things, including a heavy emphasis on sports like hockey and skiing. But this winter Northwood has a new team on campus in basketball. Northwood hasn’t fielded a basketball team in over forty years.

The team consists of 20 players, including two girls. The team is lead by coach Mr. Tim Weaver and competes against local high schools, including Saranac Lake and Lake Placid.

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Basketball is a great opportunity for the many students who love basketball and have never had a chance to compete on a team at Northwood. Now they have a chance to don Northwood blue and represent their school. Playing basketball is also a great way to teach student-athletes about teamwork and leadership while making new friends in the process.

The new basketball team illustrates how flexible Northwood is to help give students a chance to play a sport they love, when in over the past several decades they never got that chance.

Team member Fallou Sylla ‘20 said “It’s a great feeling to know that we have a [basketball] team here at school. They gave us a chance to play a sport we really like and enjoy. I think we will be very good this year. We just have to keep working hard”.

Northwood’s basketball team includes players from around the world, including China and Tibet, so it was an adjustment to understand the rules, but players are quickly keeping pace to help lead the team. Jax Song, a senior from China, said “We need more practice, so far we have worked hard and learned new things each day”. Gary Li ‘20 said, “In China, we love basketball. It is a big part of us, so coming here and playing on Northwood’s team made the transition to a new school and a new country much easier.”

The Northwood basketball will be right back at it right after break. With a record currently of 1-1, they will be looking for their second win of the season.

Go Northwood basketball we are all rooting for you.




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