Parents, Students Enjoy Family Weekend

October 6-9, 2017 was an exciting weekend for Northwood School, as it was Family Weekend. Parents, siblings and grandparents from all over the country and around the world came to Northwood to visit their sons or daughters. It is an annual weekend at school and allowing for parents to see the school in action and spend time with their kids in Lake Placid.

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Daniel Lambert ‘18 said, “It was a good weekend. It was good to see them and be able to spend time with them.” School offered many activities for the parents, which included attending classes.“It was interesting to have them in class with me. I think they really enjoyed it,” said Lambert. Eventually, parents and their kids were able to leave campus and do things outside.

Sam DiBitetto ‘18 enjoyed the weekend. “My whole family came up: mom dad and my two brothers. We rented a house on the water, and it was just nice to spend time with them,” he said. “We actually rented one of those pedal boats and pedaled on Mirror Lake.”

John Biechler‘19 said “I enjoyed it a lot. We had [hockey] games, so it was cool to have them at our first home games of the year.”

While some students and parents stayed on campus and in Lake Placid, other students went home to be with their families. Stephen Panico ‘19, went back home in Fairfield CT. “I went back home for the weekend. It was nice to get off campus, sleep in my own bed, and really just chill out.” He went on to say, “My parents did not come up this year, but they did my first year. I think it is good for the school; it allows our parents to see what school is all about.”

Most international students’ parents were not able to come to Family Weekend, but they took advantage of the few days off. Jessica Lin ‘19, was able to relax. “I spent a whole day watching Netflix and made food. It was actually a lot of fun, just to relax and take a break from school.”

It was an enjoyable family weekend for the Northwood School community. A lot of families got to see their children and spend time with them, while the students who didn’t see their family were able to relax and enjoy their days off.


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